Karma Closing In


“Juan, go to sleep. We need to leave early tomorrow. Where is Jasmine?” shouted Jessica, his mother.

“Going!! Just packing up my bag. She is with me,” replied he from his room.

*         *         *

The next day. 8:10am.

Cell phone beeped.

Jessica received a threat via text message chiding her to back out or face the consequences. She was receiving similar messages from days. The election for mayor of the Barming city was due and she was about to announce her name as a candidate. After serving as a mayor for 5 years, the city knew everything about her and her developmental work. Everyone knew that if she announces her candidature, she would win. So, others wanted to coerce her to back out.

“Juan, Jas, time to go,” said Jason, her husband.

Both screamed in exaltation. They were going for a picnic. The car was ready. Jessica and Jason were about to enter in the car and her cell phone rang.

A man from other side said, “Looks like, Ex-mayor and her family is going for picnic. And your faithful bulldog is looking like a man in black goggles and jacket.”

“Ohh.. William Rhodes. I am not backing out and don’t you dare to say anything about my family again.”

“As always, up to the point. Fine. Let’s talk to the point. You back out or face the consequences. We both know that your hands are dirty. Why don’t you come to the backyard, let’s talk face to face.”

“Jason, I’ll be back in a minute,” said Jessica to Jason, hurriedly.

“What happened? You look worried,” replied Jason.

“Nothing. Just a minute.”

Jessica turned around and started walking towards backyard. Noticing her strange behavior, Jason followed her.

At the backyard.

“I am not gonna ask you how did you get in, but surely you are not getting what you want,” said Jessica to William.

“Would you like to look into these files? Then we will discuss,” replied he.

Jason was watching them furtively. He was getting negative vibes that something bad was going to happen.

“No, I don’t want to. Let’s play a fair game.”

“Like you played to get where you are today, right? But, these files say the opposite.”

“I don’t care what the files say, tell me your price and go home. You know what it takes to get here.”

“Yeah, I know. And I’m gonna play this game in a same way as you. To get what you want, you bribed people, you threatened people and if required, you killed people who came in your way. Let me make this clear, I will not care to get my hands dirty if required.”

“What do you mean? You will kill me? Don’t be silly.”

“I am not kidding and if you think that, don’t you feel a red LED light on your forehead.”

A shooter from top of another building was ready to shoot. But her vigilant husband came from back, held a gun on the backside of William’s head and said, “If that’s the way it has to go.”

“Easy, man. Don’t worry. I’m not here for that. I’m here to give her a taste of my capability,” said William.

“Jason, leave it. But one thing for sure, I am not backing out.”

“I got your message, but it seems you didn’t get mine. The moment you return from a picnic, you will get 24 hours. If I don’t see any movement from your side, your children will receive flowers of deep condolences from my side. And Jason, I consider you got why I mentioned only children.”

*         *         *

On the picnic.

“Why are you doing this? We can fight this together,” said Jason to Jessica.

“Yeah, I think it is necessary. Anything can happen. I know we can fight, but what if we can’t?” replied Jessica.

“You don’t have to do it.”

“Yes, I have to. We never know what will be there for us. We must be prepared for worst.”

*         *         *

After 7 days.

The news came. Ex-mayor Jessica Henderson and her husband Jason Henderson had been found dead in a hotel room under suspicious circumstances. Mrs. Henderson was a leading candidate in forthcoming elections for mayor. Police believed that they had been sabotaged. Police were investigating the case. The whole city was in despair. Their children didn’t understand what really happened. The grandma took care of them.

The police confirmed that it was sabotage. The saboteur, wearing sweeper uniform, slipped in a very thin plate though the closed door. The plate has a detector which activates the circuit in the dark. It was based on the reverse theory of conventional detectors work. When there is no light, it activates the circuit. Then the circuit burns the substance inside and it produces a poisonous gas named ‘Hertimure’ which ejects through a vent at the bottom of plate which spreads gas all around the room. The gas is ineffective when exposed to light, so it didn’t harm people outside the room.

*         *         *

After 7 years.

Juan was sitting alone in his room, engrossed into thoughts. He was reminiscing fun they had on picnic, his moments with parents and their love for both of them. It reminded him of a bag which he never opened after that picnic. The bag was not just any other bag, but it was about last memories of him with his parents. He immediately went to his cupboard and took out the bag. When he opened it, he found something else which wasn’t there at the time he was packing his bag. There was a CD in it. The CD, which Jessica kept without acknowledging him. The CD, for which she was insisting to be kept in the bag due to uncertainty.

When he played that CD, it was his mother and the location was their picnic spot. Her mother in the video said, “I couldn’t gather courage to tell you this in person, so I hope you get this message through this CD and understand it as soon as possible which will help you in life.”

Juan was about to cry after listening to mother’s voice.

“I want this video to be found by only you. I hope you will take responsibility of Jasmine after us. Yeah, you have to be strong before I tell you what I am going to tell right now. Promise me you are being strong right now to listen this.”

Juan gathered the courage to listen to what his mother was going to say.

“Life is not about how rich you are, how many cars are there outside your house, whether there is swimming pool outside, but it is about the how deep and compassionate pool of your heart is. We have everything in abundance, but I always felt deep down in my heart that something is missing. I reached where I am today not only with hard work and persistence, but with something else too. Things I did which my conscience did not permit. I used people for my personal gains, used them as a ladder to get where I wanted to go. But in return I didn’t give them anything. I was obsessed with power, money and this lavish lifestyle. I made them do anything I want using my power, money and position. The world is not mean and nasty place, it’s us. Because at the end of the day whatever we do, whether you are being caring or rude, unfair or considerate, it is going to turn around on you.”

Juan started crying, thinking whatever his mother did, turned around on her.

“You will beat people down, enjoy seeing people getting hurt, but one day you will face certain circumstances or situations where they will enjoy seeing you getting hurt. If you will engage in any dishonest work and people will suffer because of it, one day, they will engage in dishonest work and you will suffer because of them. You will blame them, but actually it’s you who is responsible for that. You will be unaware of it, but it works in this way only. At the end of the day, you face your own karma. Look at me, son, I’ve done something due to which I am ashamed to tell this to you in person.”

Juan was crying, nodding his head saying his mother didn’t deserve it, but that wasn’t the truth.

“To get here, I had even killed people, made threats to their lives and today, they are making threats to my life, they may kill me for getting what they want.”

He yowled after listening this. Whatever she did, everything reflected back, returned back to her. For her own deeds, they took her life. The video wasn’t finished yet.

“One way or another, one day or another, you will face your own karma. Even, your father tried to stop me, but I was so stubborn that my greediness leaped over his care and I wish he should not pay for it. I beg you to never compromise with your conscience. Whatever you will do, make sure you will do it with honesty and integrity. This world is too short to spread hatred, but too big to spread love. Pass this message to Jas and take care of yourself and her.”

Juan became unconscious.

The crazy fact is, getting away with wrong deeds for this moment does not mean we got away forever.


{Image courtesy of  David Castillo Dominici at  FreeDigitalPhotos.net}

When Fate Makes The Call


After the hastiness of whole day of shopping, Mayur’s family arrived at a bus stop. Mayur, 20 years old, being an introverted person, he could not hold on for much time around the people. His affinity for being alone was the reason for getting desperate to reach home as soon as possible. But, they missed a bus as he was in himself and lost the track in the crowd with his family for a moment.

“Because of you, we missed that bus. Next bus is after 25 minutes. Where are you?” complained his mother.

“Yeah, he is too slow. Always lost in his world,” quipped his brother.

Mayur neglected their complaints and sat down in a queue at the bus stop.

“Ohh, we forgot to buy a Tiffin box for me,” said brother.

“Now?” questioned mother.

“Now, we have to go again in the market,” ridiculed brother by looking at Mayur.

“No way, I am going to come again,” opposed Mayur giving an anguished cry.

They both laughed noticing Mayur’s annoyance.

Next to them, three girls and an old woman were chuckling. The girl in the middle who was refusing to take the money for tickets from another girl, grabbed his attention. Same alluring eyes, same generous smile, same liberal and considerate nature, same simplicity, same elegance, same grace. She reminded him of his crush of college days, Deepika, whom he secretly admired; but never dared to talk in two years. For the past three years, he had been following her profile on social media, fantasizing to have a date with her.

He sat there, reminiscing about her, smiling alone, blaming himself for not approaching her, concealing his true feelings. At that instant, he saw a couple trying to find a bus. He envied them, thinking he will never have the same fun.

After 5 minutes, with the frustrated mindset he stops thinking about it and starts observing people, peddlers, drivers and conductors who were passing by. A bus of another destination leaves the depot. As soon as it leaves, he saw two girls, one on the bike and another standing, talking to her. His eyes broadened. He wasn’t able to see her face, but as she looked sideways, he was dumbfounded. She was Deepika. His eyes were popping out. The alluring eyes for which he secretly admired, the generous smile which he always wanted to see, the simplicity which he thought everyone should has, the grace and elegance for what he always was speechless.

But at the moment, his chest, throbbing; his forehead, full of sweat, his mind; blank. Staring at her, he started thinking about what just happened, was she really there or he was imagining all this. He looked at the girl in the middle of three, and then back to Deepika. Was his imagination an augury of its manifestation? He couldn’t understand what was going on.

She said goodbye to her friend and coming towards the same queue as Mayur. His thoughts entangled, she will be in the same bus, then will she remember him, if yes, then what will he talk about, his family is with him, should he express his feelings towards her, or he should avoid himself from getting noticed.

Deepika was coming closer. Mayur looked around to avoid any eye contact. And suddenly, she turned towards depot office. He observed that she asked something to depot manager, looked at her watch, stood still and then went away. Apparently, his hopes dwindled as she disappeared. He could no longer see her. He never anticipated that excitement, astonishment, uncertainty will be vanished instantly. For one moment, he fantasized about what he might talk about in bus and in next moment, those things had proved meaningless, because they were never coming out. Was it just a coincidence of his imagination about her and she was appearing in front of him, or was the missing a bus in the first place meant to lead something, he found no explanation. He never believed in fate or destiny, but this made him rethink about it. So, he strived to find an explanation or justification for whatever is happening, why does it happen?

The inscrutable equations of life were out of his mind’s capability. On his way to home, those 10 minutes were looping in his mind, but all his efforts to find an explanation for that were in vain.

The crazy fact is, when fate makes the call; regardless of, in whose court the ball is, no one gets the point.


{Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net}

When The Road Will Be Clear..

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright- Roger Bultot

“First learn how to conduct a business, how those people have meetings, how they strategize a plan,” said Kelly to Shaun.

 “It will take at least 4-5 years,” replied Shaun.

 “Obviously, you need those as you are not good enough.”

 “Yeah, I will learn in the process. Actually we will never be good enough. There will always be a room for improvement.”

 “Why can’t you wait for the right time?”

 “But, there is no guarantee that I’ll be alive till the right time comes.”

 The crazy fact is, waiting for the road to be clear is futile; we need to drive through as per the present conditions.


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Uncertain Table Of Life

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

“Your Father was a humorist. He used to write humorous stories for hours, sitting here in tranquility. People loved his stories a lot,” said Michelle to her 8 years old grandson.

“Wow!” replied Oliver.

“You were only few months old. On that day, he was walking roadside, observing the world to seek stories, and a car crashed him. This table has not seen him since.”

“How did this happen?”

“A drunken man was driving that car.”

“Why did this have to happen to him?”

“The crazy fact is, you can certainly control what happens on this table, but not on the uncertain table of life.”


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Lost Somewhere

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg
                PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright- Björn Rudberg

“You have to get a job first & then give time to whatever your so called business from hobby.”

“But, mom! Why can’t I do it full time?”

“There is no security.”

“We don’t know yet.”

“You don’t have even a degree for that.”

“Degree doesn’t matter. There are people who have degree, but don’t know how to apply that knowledge practically.”

“It will take time. What will people say if they see you, not yet settled in life & their wards driving their own cars.”

“The crazy fact is, if I try to please everybody, I’ll be lost at some place from where, there will be no coming back.”


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Fearless Actions


“These ideas will not work in practical world, no one will pay you for this and if only a single person do, I’ll touch your feet,” said Lalit’s father.

Lalit remained silent & went in the bedroom, frustrated, thinking he can’t live his dream.

*                 *               *

After two days, he read a gratitude letter in front of his parents which he wrote himself to thank them for all the sacrifices they did from childhood to this day.

In those two days, two out of three agreed to pay for services he rendered based on his ideas & he wasn’t concerned about proving anything to his father.

The crazy fact is, instead of choosing egoist ways to end the discussion, choosing to spread love leads to more fearless actions in pursuit of living a dream.


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Hollow Success

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

“I ain’t going to meet my parents,” said Kevin to his aunt, at the breakfast.

“Why not?” replied aunt.

“I have a lot of work, many cases are pending. I can’t.”

“So?? When you were 5 years old, your father’s left eye was injured; though he went to drive taxi to earn a daily bread. Your mother used to add water in milk due to lack of money to make ends meet. At least respect that. Take these chopsticks, go there & toast marshmallows. They will be more than happy.”

He agreed.

The crazy fact is, when sacrifices done behind the scenes are overshadowed after tasting success, it’s a hollow success.


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Erroneous Expectations

At college X.

Father: We would like to take admission in your esteemed college through management quota for my son. Whatever the charges, we are ready to pay.

Management quota is a quota in which some percentage of seats are reserved for those who want to take admission through donations, without following the standard procedure. Paid admissions.

X College Representative: Sorry, sir! We don’t have seats, admissions are full.

Immediately drove to next college, college Y.

Father: We would like to take admission in your esteemed college through management quota for my son. Whatever the charges, we are ready to pay.

Y College Representative: Sorry, sir! We don’t have seats, admissions are full.

Immediately drove to next college, college Z.

Father: We would like to take admission in your esteemed college through management quota for my son. Whatever the charges, we are ready to pay.

Z College Representative: The charges are 6 lakhs Rupees. Come tomorrow with your son’s documents & demand draft. Admission will be confirmed.


Father: No problem, just reserve the seat.

Z College Representative: Consider it done.

The crazy fact is, still they expect their child to study hard for his bright future.


{Image courtesy of  anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.net}

Compromising Oneself

“Sorry, I’m busy in completing assignments, so I can’t come with you to deliver packets of biscuits to your clients,” said Ketan.

“This is not fair! When it comes to help you, I never said no; even though I had to lie to my parents or hide the truth from your so called ‘girlfriends’,” replied Aryan.

“I thought that you had no problem doing it & I can’t say yes if I want to say no.”

“You always have some excuse.”

“But try to understand, dude! I thought you had done for our friendship.”

“What kind of friendship?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t want to do it?”

Aryan remain silent for some moment, because he did it to prove that he was helpful, caring which he was not; but tried to project as one in others eyes.

“I don’t want to have friendship with those who do not have a helping hand. We’re done here,” said Aryan furiously to conceal his fake nature & left.

Ketan also didn’t react thinking it was a cruel treatment.

The crazy fact is, relationships formed based on compromising oneself yields bitterness amongst people involved.

Relationships-formed (1)


Man Made Unhappiness


Copyright – Kelly Sands

“These local brand clothes make me feel inferior in front of my friends. This time, I want Levi’s clothes,” complained Suzanne to her father.

Father didn’t respond, but lifted a heavy bag from storage room & insisted her to walk along.

On the road, father unzipped the bag, gave away all their older clothes to beggars & their children. Her annoyance replaced by happiness after realization, when she noticed smiles & true joy in their eyes after receiving what they didn’t even have enough.

The crazy fact is, the black clouds of unhappiness are created by a man’s mind, not by circumstances.



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