And They Say It Matters…


That girl with fully pierced ear, in top and jeans, and dispersed curly hair said thanks with humility and generosity when I complimented her that she has a beautiful smile.

But that girl with simple straight long hair and Punjabi dress gets palm-twitchingly mad at me when I complimented her that she has a beautiful smile.

And they say appearance matters…

That guy with hair bun and hipster beard, full arm tattoos wearing T-shirt, jeans and canvas shoes told me never to be sorry for being who you are.

But that guy with so much oil rubbed on hair, brushed hair on one side wearing formal clothes and clean shoes told me to never do anything different to avoid people say anything about me on my back.

And they say individuality matters…

That girl, who talks a lot, wears glittering clothes and people talk crap about her behind her back told me to take stand for myself.

But that girl, who is always quiet, wears simple clothes and people think of her as a good girl told me to be submissive and compromise is the truth of life.

And they say personality matters…

That guy who laughs weirdly and go crazy after reminiscing something funny from past told me to be happy no matter what happens.

But that guy who always behaves courteously and restricts his honest response told me to behave thoughtfully to funny situations and not to laugh at silly jokes.

And they say decency matters…

That girl who is still struggling for 8 years to become an actress told me to never compromise your values and principles.

That girl who just got promotion after sleeping with her boss told me to do whatever it takes.

And they say character matters…

That guy who works at a startup earning very less and nobody understands the reason told me to follow my dreams.

But that guy working at MNC and changed 3 companies in 3 years to get higher package told me security is more important and follow the crowd.

And they say money matters…

That girl with beautiful face, who always posts selfies and get hundreds of likes does not care when I asked her to give donation to orphanage.

But that ugly girl not only gives 100 Rupee note but also asks if she can visit the place and spend some time with children there.

And they say beauty matters…

That guy who had many girlfriends, but never had genuine feelings for anyone told me never to get serious into relationship.

But that guy who never got into relationship because the girl he loves and have genuine feelings for, is a girlfriend of THAT guy.

And they say love matters…

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True Love Evolves Unintentionally

“We can’t get into a relationship. I find you interesting. You don’t get into relationship because the other person is interesting,” said he.

“Oh, crap!” she reacted.

“No, it’s not! I deliberately did many crazy things in front of you because you are so spontaneous and I enjoy watching those graceful, genuine, witty and adorable reactions. I was always waiting for a moment to watch you reacting spontaneously on whatever illogical or nonsense I used to say. I didn’t even focus on what you were saying; I was always focusing on elegance and poise in your expressions. Those are interesting. I wanted to enjoy those.”

“You don’t know! But, this is the most romantic thing anyone can say to anybody.”

“Oh, crap!”

She blushed.

He realized after few seconds that he said something that he shouldn’t have said, “Was it? Okay..!! It was. But this cannot be another reason you want to get into relationship, right?”

“You still want my spontaneous reaction!?”

The crazy fact is, true love evolves unintentionally irrespective of the right way.

This Is Why We Must Be Proud Of ISRO

When an Indian says I want to work in NASA, the desire to punch them in the face is evident. We have ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization in our country which was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai in 1969. Great scientists including former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had worked there on some innovative missions that completed successfully making the nation proud, then why does anybody wants to go to NASA and use their intelligence for them? It is not about the freedom of choice given by the Constitution of India or patriotism; it is about using the great mind of us and intelligence for development of our country.

With a lot of misconceptions about ISRO in Indians as well as people around the globe, this video will give a reason why Indians must respect their own organization. The facts and well researched data presented in this video will change the attitude of people who does not respect ISRO because they think they should invest money in reducing the poverty in India than those missions of space. ISRO endeavors to be more productive in fewer budgets assigned for missions. It also helps Indian economy to grow. The most valuable asset of ISRO is scientists. The crazy fact is they work for less pay than their counterparts who make millions working somewhere else. They are driven by a purpose and a vision Dr. Sarabhai set for them. Watch this inspirational video that shows why we must be proud of ISRO.

I Don’t Want My Children To..


I don’t want my children to become someone they are not

I don’t want my children to live life full of compromises

I don’t want my children to believe in something they don’t believe in

I don’t want my children to keep things from me because they think weirdness is unacceptable

I don’t want my children to study hard for exams and waste precious time of their lives

I don’t want my children to be slaves of system that would take them nowhere in life

I don’t want my children to do something just to show me that they are good guys

I don’t want my children to play safe because of fear of failure

I don’t want my children to avoid their honest feelings

I don’t want my children to have aimless life

I don’t want my children to be judgmental and strive for perfection

I don’t want my children to marry someone they don’t love

I don’t want my children to feel pity for my hard work and long hours in office

I don’t want my children to give on their dreams because times are hard

I don’t want my children to keep their innovative ideas inside due to fear of being ridiculed

I don’t want my children to feel awkward to share their crush

I don’t want my children to form opinions according what others say

I don’t want my children to seek approval for their actions from their parents

I don’t want my children to help us and not follow their own path

I don’t want my children to blame others for their misfortunes

I don’t want my children to focus too much on weaknesses that don’t count

I don’t want my children to feel terrible about doing the job others don’t approve to be worthy

I don’t want my children to feel unfortunate to start over

I don’t want my children to be what we think they should be

And the most importantly, the crazy fact,
I don’t want my children to think of his parents as ‘losers’

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The Biggest Agony


The biggest agony in life,
to live with the realization,
some questions will remain unanswered
for the rest of the life.

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I Can’t, I Just Can’t Pretend To…


I can’t, I just can’t pretend to be happy for others’ success, triumphs, achievements
While I haven’t achieved anything yet that I can be happy for

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to feel happy for a couple in a relationship
Enjoying each others’ company, while I can’t express my feeling to a girl I like

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to feel good for a guy who got tattoo on his arm
And I still see nothing on my hand, not even a scar

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to feel happy for that guy who passed the interview
And got the job, while I never wanted that job and failed

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to feel happy for anybody living their dreams
Whereas I don’t have courage to follow mine and blame others for it

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to see those pictures of vacations a friend posted
Whereas I want to sit in home on holidays and only think about that hill station

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to feel satisfied for those who follow the crowd and be happy
Whereas I’m neither following the crowd nor swimming against the current

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to smile when that irritating guy cracks a silly joke
Everybody laughs, while I don’t have a good sense of humor either

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to like that girl who is beautiful and witty and
Expects every guy to follow her, whereas I am attracted to her too

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to be everything fine when it’s not
Whereas when a relative asks how it’s going, I say fine

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to be excited when I see friends driving car
Whereas I didn’t learn to drive when I had opportunity to

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to be fine when anybody makes and honest mistake
Whereas I expect them to understand me when I make mistakes

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to act with formalities and follow etiquette
Whereas I greet in the morning and evening to look a good guy

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to enjoy when I’m hanging out friends
Whereas I envy those who laugh together while hanging out and I’m alone

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to appreciate those who work for material gains
Whereas I work for appreciation and instant gratification

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to believe in my closed ones
Whereas I expect them to believe in me and seek their support

I can’t, I just can’t pretend to be happy when I’m not
Whereas the crazy fact is, I can’t do anything that will make me happy

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The First Times


The first times are always special.
The time when we made an eye contact.
The first time we fell in love.
The first time when we met.
The first time we fought on silly reason.
The first time we apologized to each other.
The first time we laughed together on silly jokes.
The first time we walked on beach silently.
The first time we hugged.
The time when we looked into each others’ eyes.
The first time we realized we are made for each other.
The first time…
The most crazy of all..

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I wasn’t Prepared


“I’ll go to play football if class is cancelled,” said Manish to Mayuresh.

“Why don’t you play in the evening?” asked Mayuresh.

“My parents do not permit me thinking that I’ll get distracted.”

“And what made you think that class won’t be there?”

“The teacher in the class is not disciplined. Sometimes he teaches, sometimes he doesn’t.”

“Don’t forget to carry the kit with you.”

“Yep. I want to play whenever I get a chance.”

In the class.

“Guys, sir is not present today,” said one of his classmates.

“Ohh, no!!” exclaimed Manish.

“What happened?” asked Meeta.

“I decided to go to play football if class is not there. But, I didn’t bring kit though I knew sir has been irregular about this class.”

“You forgot?”

“No. I deliberately didn’t bring it. I thought that sir will be present today.”

“What made you think that?”

“I assumed. But what happened to sir? Why is he not taking class today. He does this frequently.”

“But you knew that he does this frequently. You should’ve come prepared. You can’t blame him.”

The crazy fact is, not being prepared closes the door of opportunities and opens the door of regrets.

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Unconditional Acceptance


“She is so dominating, and very demanding,” complained Sergio.

“And you want liberty. You want full autonomy,” said Luis.

“Yes, that is what I want. I can’t operate this way.”

“That’s right. But everyone has different way of approching things.”

“I know. But..”

“She is caring. We both know that. Witty, charming, smart and much more that you are not.”

“That’s right.”

“And you are much more weird and twisted. Do you agree?”

“Yes, undoubtedly.”

“Though she accepts you as the way you are. Why can’t you?”

“What do I do now?”

“Accept her as the way she is and you will feel good.”

The crazy fact is, unconditional acceptance changes unfavorable circumstances substantially.

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On A Bad Day


“Hey, Jeet!! Why are you looking sad?” asked Dia.

“I am sad,” replied Jeet.

“Yeah, I know. But, why?”

“It’s just another bad day.”

“What happened?”

“I was going to attend my friend’s wedding. We were supposed to leave at 8’o’clock in the morning. Bus came so late that we left at 9:30. This is how we spent next 8 hours. 3 hours of travelling to the place of wedding, 1 hour at the wedding and 4 hours travelling back to home.”

“What? 7 hours of travelling for just 1 hour?”

“Yes, we reached just before the ceremony.”

“Or just before wedding meal?”

“Please, don’t start!”

“Ohkk, ohkk!!”

“Then I thought I will go to play football and have fun. But again to my disappointment, only 4 players were there. No fun.”

“Anything more?”

“Yes. I submitted an article on women empowerment and it got rejected because someone submitted on that topic before me.”

The crazy fact is, on the bad day, if anything goes wrong, everything goes wrong successively.

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