The life seems..

WE are astonished when we learn something ironical, facts that are not politically correct.

We are not believed based on truth, but the way we expressed what is on our mind with confidence & conviction, people don’t have time to find the truth. So they accept the truths based on the expressions which proves to be the simplest way to lie. But the crazy fact is we suffer the consequences of the truth, not lie.

When we do not have anything to say, we must keep quiet. We don’t have to say in order to make connection with unknown person because we are supposed to say something. But the crazy fact is connection grows when obvious things are spoken out & it merely grows when spontaneous reaction comes because most of the people are more concerned about approval, not reality.

Do not try to live up to the expectations of others, because expectations never end & there no guarantee that you will be able to live up everytime. And the crazy fact is when you try to, they take you for granted & when you don’t give a damn about them, you are more valued.

I read ‘treat people the way you want to get treated’, but what happens when the other person doesn’t understand it. They don’t care about your feelings when it comes to their. But the crazy fact is we do not accept that the other person will not understand until he will be sailing in the same boat as us.

The crazy fact is life seems too short to when we try to live on our terms, but seems too big when we have to live on others’ terms.


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