Trekking & Life

When we want to do something different from day-to-day routine life, we start finding various things. One of the best thing we come across is trekking. Adventurous, out of the box thing. When we actually go there, we are not sure about ourselves whether we will be able to make it to the top or not.

As we start ascending we find something challenging, tiresome task, but a we move on it teaches us many lessons which can be resembled to the life we live. From start to end, at every step we are learning one thing or another which we have never learned in routine life which will be proved as lethal after we finish trek.

Every fort is not same as other, same way no person is same as other. Every fort we trekked has its own quality & made for some particular purpose. Every person is playing some role in this world. Every fort is meant to do different work & authentic in its own. Same is the case with human, but some try to compare themselves with other & lose authenticity. They get an opportunity to realize that many times, but they refuse to & instead of finding the originality, they try to overcome others.

We do not face same problem while trekking different forts, in a same way no problems we face in various days are not same as other. We can never know what problem we may come across, same way while trekking, anyone can get injured, tired, give up, anything can happen at any point of time.

When body gives up, how get our mind into play can be determined, how to use different strategies when we can’t move a single step ahead, how to adapt according to obstacles we have to overcome, when to move faster or when to slow down, life’s most important lessons are taught.

To make our dreams come true, to taste success, to make a reputation, we need to put a lot of efforts, it takes enormous amount of time, the same way, to reach top of the fort, to ascend, we have to give a lot of time & efforts. But it is more easy to descend, same way, time required to spoil that reputation & success, it takes very less time or a single moment is enough.

The only difference between trekking & life is that we can never predict when we will have to ascend or descend..


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