Favourable Conditions

Conditions will not be favourable when we want them to, they definitely will be when we have not even thought about them. The crazy fact is we think about favour only when we are having doubts about ourselves. We think we will not make it, because we are not up to that.

Napoleon said most of the people look for what they want not what they deserve. When we want conditions in our favor, we are actually looking for what we want, do not think whether we deserve that thing.

The bestselling author, Paulo Coelho said that ideal conditions don’t exist. So we can do one thing, either go ahead as it is, accept nothing can be done, circumstances can’t be changed or come out of comfort zone & try to change the conditions without thinking about conditions to favor us.

If we go ahead as it is, we will face consequences that we take for granted, worry about it, regret it & then forget about it as the time passes. But if we strive to make conditions ideal, we will face results, success. We will enjoy it for some time & then as the time passes, we start thinking about what’s next.

People say that winning or losing is the part game, it doesn’t matter, what matters is enjoying the moment, live in the moment. But the crazy fact is win or loss decides the further course of action & for that course of action, favourable conditions plays the vital part.

Are favourable conditions necessary? If yes, we may not come out of comfort zone & discover some hidden treasures in us which we don’t know we have. And if no, we have come out of comfort zone, but we need to sacrifice something. The true fact is winners do not need favourable conditions, they may lose first few battles because of that, but they believe that they have to come out of comfort zone & have to sacrifice something. They discover ways to overcome it & that is what makes them a winner.


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