Sunset & Sunrise


Father to son at Photo Exhibition, “Look, Every sunset gives colors of hope for tomorrow..”

“Then what does sunrise give?” asked son.

“Colors of opportunity to convert hopes into reality..”


Learning from Football

Football is a sport which not only tests our stamina, temperament but also teaches many useful things to be used in day to day life. It is a team sport, so each & everyone matters to taste a victory. Unlike cricket, where possibility of keeping strike & scoring runs alone, also taking all wickets can win the match for team, but here a single person can’t tackle every opponent.

We should run, have good strength & stamina. Even though we do not have it, still we can be influential & play vital part in team by properly timing the run, putting efforts at the right time saves a lot of efforts later in the game. A sensible player can be more influential than the player with better strength & stamina. In similar way, if we realize where to direct our energy & strive with diligence in that direction, it will save a lot of efforts later in life.

Many matches are so tough that we can’t predict what is going to happen. Excitement kills us till last minute. Matches turn around in last minute. In few matches, one team plays better than other team, but the scoreboard says different thing. So are the efforts a total waste as we didn’t win? No. There are many more things to take away than just a defeat. First, never give up till the last breath. Perseverance can turn the tables. And life is unfair, the deserving does not always win. But what we have in our hands is to give everything what we have in us.

On one day, a team plays very well, their natural game. But on the other day, they can’t, though they do not want to play in that way. Things don’t go in an anticipated way. At that time we do not have any option than continue playing by accepting the circumstances & learning from it. After many ups & downs, it is not the result that count, but the legacy & respect earned and the entire process till the final whistle.