The Right Time

Copyright – Renee Heath
Copyright – Renee Heath

Alex was well-known for his presence of mind among family & friends. He was so proud of it.

One day, Alex was going to buy chicken for dinner on bike. On the way, he saw an old lady sitting on roadside, an old man & wheelchair.

While returning home, he saw an old lady sitting on wheelchair and an old man thanking a young boy.

Though it didn’t affect much to old couple, but he felt remorse as he could not figure out that they needed his help.

The crazy fact is, if candle is not ignited in the dark, it’s characteristic of giving light is worthless.

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Time For A Change
Time For A Change

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Even a Salute Is Not Enough

I Am Ready To Serve My Country
I Am Ready To Serve My Country

“What happened to you, dear? Why are you upset??” asked Poorvi to her husband.

“Nothing!” replied Padmaj.

“Tell me, no! What is the matter?”

“I just read the news that Major Mukund Vardarajan & a soldier died fighting terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir, cremated with full state honors. And his father is so brave like him. He lost his son but he said that he is proud that his son laid down his life for the country. Not everyone can get a 42-gun salute in a ceremony complete with full military honors. Our contribution to society, to nation is nothing in front of these lionhearted officers.

“The crazy fact is, even a salute of respect from us can’t equal the level of safety he was providing us.”

“In these situations, we, common people can just salute him & extend our condolences to his family members. That’s it! So I’m more upset.”

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Time For A Change
Time For A Change

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Haiku: Get-Together


Gathered to cherish memories
Who will tell this, to guy
Engulfed in Smartphone


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Learn & Grow

“Madam, I got only 72. I burnt the midnight oil to by heart everything. You ask me anything right now, I’ll answer you. But Manasi copied answers from me & got 78. Why?” asked Nupur.

“Hey, you jealous! I didn’t copy. You are a big liar,” replied Manasi.

“Both of you, keep quiet!” said madam, “Manasi, I’ve compared your answer sheets, so don’t lie. And Nupur, I can’t take any action right now as superviser didn’t catch her copying. The crazy fact is, you both are at the same place as before the exams, because you didn’t learn anything. You copied & you learnt by rote, so no one learnt & grew. So make sure you get educated!”



“We will not go for exercise,” screamed twin brothers Steve & Stephen in unison.

“You are hardly doing anything in these days. This way you will get lethargic & lazy,” said mother.

“But we want to sleep more, it’s summer vacation,” said Steve.

“No doubt that you should enjoy vacations, but the crazy fact is, vacation is the time to inculcate good habits which you can carry for the entire year, not the bad habits which are difficult to get rid of.”


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Good in Everything



Hot summer days are so taxing not only to human beings but also to birds when it comes to fulfilling the thirst.

We were talking outside our classroom and a stubborn, vicious, wicked man came to us with smiling face. He was an assistant in one of our labs. Whenever we went in his lab, he was always there to teach us how to behave in labs! So every time we mention him or discuss about lab, we always used these adjectives in reference with him. We always detested him.

He showed us water cooler placed at the corner. We saw a crow standing over panel of water cooler from where all the dripped water goes into sink. Then he added that he kept the tap slightly open. Because when he went to drink water, a thirsty crow was in search of water drop, but all the water sank. And when he went near, crow flew. So after drinking, he kept it open for the bird.

We were staring at cooler & that crow was fulfilling his thirst through a slightly open tapped, dripping water. Everyone was happy & acknowledged him for his smartness. The crazy fact is, we will never know about good things in other, if we keep stressing on their negative things.

Also let’s help birds who are dangling on the chain of thirst by keeping water in bowl in our balcony or terrace.


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Thrill in Books

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

“Hey, Rohan! Let’s go to Club Pacific. I called everyone from our group. Let’s hang out, get high, dance on the beats of Italian duo. You coming, right?” said Sid, on the phone.

“No, I’m busy reading ‘Deception Point’ by Dan Brown. It’s so exciting. He’s going to reveal a villain in next few chapters,” replied Rohan.

“Come na! Alisha is also coming.”


“You are so boring. You always say no!”

“The crazy fact is, the thrill in these books is a way better than thrill of getting high, out of our mind & dancing and puking all around. See, how interesting you are!!”


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No Standard

“Why did you bring me here? I just won Grammy award. I’m supposed to celebrate in the world’d most standard,prestigious places, not here at supermarket. You want to go shopping, I know the best places in the world. Why here?” said rapper ‘DiRoa’ to his girlfriend Joanna.

“What’s wrong with this place?” replied Joanna.

“No standard! No decent branded accessories ! No cleanliness! The guy with you wearing ARMANI suit & the people here! Look at that guy wearing local jeans, some black colored local branded shoes & a hoodie! See the way he carries himself! Am I supposed to hang out with these people?”

They were looking at guy from back. Joanna went to the guy. He was listening to music with earphones. She unplugged earphone & DiRoa was stunned after what he saw. That guy was listening to his song for which he won the Grammy award.

“These unbranded people made you. You can wear this ARMANI because they choose to listen to your songs. The crazy fact is people whom you call having ‘no standard’, made you ‘standard’, isn’t it?”

Then DiRoa gave autograph to the guy along with his ARMANI watch & thanked him for listening his song. He also acknowledged Joanna for teaching him a very important lesson.

Quite Quietly

She joined class pretty late, but her pretty eyes
Mesmerized me, quite quietly I smiled

Her jovial nature, her graceful reactions
By looking at them, quite quietly I smiled

Everyone paying attention, you lost in your thoughts
Where are you asked sir, quite quietly I smiled

Stand up you backbencher, tell me answer of this
All sights stopped at me, with embarrassment quite quietly I smiled

While acting like I’m thinking about answer, we made an eye contact,
I looked here & there, but quite quietly I smiled

And the crazy fact, looking at my fumbling
She smiled & quite quietly I fell in love


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Why Crazy Facts??

The first thing we do when we have new internet connection in our home is facebook. We try to have as much fun we can. Uploading photos, updating status, clicking likes, stalking girls’ profiles & all other things. I preferred updating status more than other things I mentioned. Whatever I used observe, perceive throughout the day, I used to write conclusion of some events as status on facebook. Getting very few likes or comments, no discussion over facts I shared.

One day, I updated status, but I thought this might be difficult to understand. So I asked my friend who liked my every status whether he understood it or not. He said no. I asked, then why did you like that status? He said, by seeing your name.. WTF?? That’s not for what I post!

If one person is doing in this way, probability is many others may be doing likewise. The most likes do not mean more meaningful stuff. I am an introvert, I like to think more alone than socializing. Then I started finding many things which are contradictory than we expect it to be.

Like, people told me to win final in annual sport event is so important But actually they didn’t expect me to win a single match, though I reached final. A bad boy in my class is more popular than a good boy. Movies like Chennai Exp., Krrish 3 are in 300 crore club, whereas meaningful, inspirational movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag earned only 100 crore on box office. People not treating me in the same way I treat them, if you copy in exam & do not get caught, you are not considered as copycat, but those who fail without cheating, are considered as fail & so many.

I wanted to express all these things in some way. I realized FB is not the right medium. So I started blogging about the contradictions I find in life & present it in terms of crazy facts with the help of short stories. These stories are inspired by real life incidences I came across, observed with addition of little imagination.

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The crazy fact is, the reason to start writing crazy facts is not crazy!!