10 annoying Questions I hate being asked

I really hate the following questions & also I would never like to ask these to someone. I usually keep quiet while these questions are asked, so I just want to thank to Narasimha Sharma Veturi for this wonderful idea on Indispire for giving me an opportunity to express myself. And I think these questions bother every college student..

1. What is your percentage??
Ohh please, It doesn’t prove anything.

2. If they can do it, why can’t you??
Is it necessary, there are things which I can do, but they can’t.

3. Why your assignments are not completed on time??
Is here anybody concerned about learning process..

4. Why do you talk trash??
NonSense is necessary to enjoy life, some great man said..

6. You are so slow, how will you survive in competition??
Anything can be experienced Better when it has done slowly..

7. What about your birthday party, your new bike party, your crush gave you smile party? 3 parties are remaining, you miser??
You know I’m a miser, why do you ask me..

8. Why always ‘no’ is your answer when I ask you something to do??
I can’t always say ‘yes’ to feed your ego..

9. Why do you want to do it in that way, there is no logic??
Dude, we both got originality, I like to do things in my way.

10. Why do you always talk about big things??
I can’t help it..

Ohh, the crazy fact is, in excitement of expressing myself I forgot fifth, why are you always lost in your own world???


2 thoughts on “10 annoying Questions I hate being asked

  1. One bothering question my wife always poke me to answer whenever she travels with me, and sits next to me in car is “whats speed now?” and as a matter of fact she never got correct answer.

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