License & Registration Please

My bro just finished his exam & all his tension loosened
I was taking him home, while this happened

That lady traffic cop came to me
License & Registration, please show it to me

I want original, this color xerox won’t work
Tell me your name, I’ve to do some paperwork

Yeah.. My father gave me number of his police friend that’ll work,
Throb in my chest, I think I’m doing some wicked work

Ohh no.. I’m trying again & again, it is out of coverage area
Let me ask for alternative number, yess.., it’s good idea

My bro asked my father for another number
When I tried, voice on other side said “It’s a wrong number!!”

I again tried first number, but that ting ting noise was blowing my mind,
Err.. look at that cop, she is not at all going to be kind

This joogaad kind of stuff do not favor at the right time
I got to pay for my committed crime

What do I do?? I can’t find a way
I can’t bring license from home, it’s too far away

She is getting hyper, you are wasting my time,
I was trying the number, I didn’t want to give away a dime

Hey buoys, tell me what you are going to do right now..
Here come the offers, take the best & you can go now

six hundred for not having license, but you have xerox so three hundred
I know you haven’t got that much, so for breaking signal give me one hundred

I was out of options, so I had to cash
Hundred rupee note gone in a single flash

Now comes the favorite part, I got dad’s call
Just wait for 5 minutes, you will receive my police friend’s call

o.. ohhk.. what happened to your voice socket??
Nothing dad.. I juss.. I just loosened my pocket

Hey are you mad, are you out of your mind, can’t you wait for a minute??
What should I do.. replied he.. can’t you be a little astute..

Then he just cut the call, what can I learn from this pitfall??
Was my lack of astuteness responsible for this befall??

Why don’t you help me to figure out what was it…
It’s our system or our mindset or just my lack of wit??


8 thoughts on “License & Registration Please

  1. Ha ha :D.. Nice one Pratik, a good mix of humor and wit ..

    I am surprised they dont take Xerox anymore.. I thought it was more than enough to have one.

      1. There is a copy of the law as well??? This is very strange. In fact as per the recent ruling, they are not allowed to even stop you unless there is an obvious violation of the law like not wearing the helmet or driving on the wrong side..

        1. Yes, they said they keep xerox of that to show to youngsters like us.. Ohh.. they are spreading awareness amongst youth.. seriously!! This joogad kind of thing didn’t favor them too.. at the right time..!! Once again thank you for making me aware about recent rules.. I’ll try saying that next time to them!! 😉

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