An Unexpected Visitor

An Unexpected Visitor comes in terms of misunderstanding, even when there is purity in our purpose, but unintentionally we hurt the other person. We are astonished, but the other is not.

We try to explain, expecting the other would understand. Sometimes we succeed, but sometimes we can’t help it. Should we try to explain or  is it like I’m responsible for what I say, not what others understand?

I think we should take initiative to sort out the misunderstandings, keeping ego aside. Because the crazy fact is Misunderstandings are meant to strengthen the bond, not to find who is right!


This post is part of Write Tribe – 100 Words on Saturday #10



4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Visitor

  1. This is what you or one should do!! Atleast how I believe..
    When a person is totally out-raged, there is no use talking sense into that person or clarifying in your defence.. as the person is not in a state of understanding.

    Let time pass.. and and do its miracle.. Eventually the person shall calm down!

    Thats when you should approach.. and YES!! Definitely.. clear the misunderstandings.

    TIME heals everything. 🙂

    1. Yeah… that’s the right way to clear the misunderstandings!! As time passes another person gets cool minded as time heals it & then take an initiative.. Thanks for sharing your views.. 🙂 !!

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