Beautiful Destinations I would love to visit

I’m an introvert & homesick. I rarely leave the home, in fact only when I find any valuable reason. But I am really sensitive to beauty. Here is my list of beautiful destinations I would love to visit:

1. Brazil : I watched it on various TV shows & cinematographers made me fall for this country. It’s beaches, football, carnival, babes, and all that attracted me.

beaches-in-brazil brazil-03


2. Vienna: I’m interested in psychology & in a TV show on discovery, I watched it is place for psychoanalysis & Fruedian theories are implemented here. So this is the main reason & after these beauty is there.

vienna,_austria Christmas-Market-in-Vienna

3. Bangkok: For this, credit goes to Shadows Galore. This post made me fall for this city. I’ll not post any pics, otherwise they will file a case of copyrights infringement on me.. lol.. 😀 Why don’t you check it by yourself, just by clicking the link given above.

4. Burj Al Arab: After watching the process of building this hotel again & again, I can’t get how they built this modern marvel. I also want to live in the room which looks like popping outside.

hotel-burj-al-arab images

5. Kerala: I want to go there to only watch nature’s beauty & contemplate. After that eat in their traditional way on the banana leaf. And repeat this cycle.

download images (1)images (2)

Wow.. The crazy fact is, only by thinking about these places, life started seeming beautiful…


10 thoughts on “Beautiful Destinations I would love to visit

  1. Hi Pratik,

    Greetings! I am Puru from Shadows Galore. Thank you for the mention, Bangkok is a beautiful place indeed. As for the copyrights, you are absolutely free to use any of our photos, we do will only be happy if you like our photos and deem them worthy enough of being shared.

    However am now thinking about changing the copyright to creative commons so that our stuff can be made available for free use.

    You are doing some great work. Keep it up.


    1. Welcome, Puru Bhaiyaa!! I really like the photos & information of beautiful places you provide with them. I’m so glad that you are giving me a liberty to use your photos.
      About copyrights, you too are doing really great thing to make it available for free use.
      Thanks for commenting & Keep Visiting.. 🙂

  2. Lovely choice Pratik! I have just visited Kerala out of your choices! Rest 4 places are on my wish-list too!!!
    If you wanna have food in banana leaves & get a feel of Coconut trees, then do plan to visit Odisha 🙂

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