Project: Ink Saving

Suvir Mirchandani, 14-years-old Indian-origin boy, came into spotlight recently in USA because of his new, unique idea of saving ink & eventually money just by changing the font used in official documents of US-Government.

He discovered this while researching for science project of school. He found that if US-Government uses font ‘GARAMOND‘ instead of ‘TIMES NEW ROMAN‘, it could save about $136 million per year, nearly 30 per cent less than the estimated $467 dollars it spends annually on ink.

I wonder how he came up with this idea. I never thought that something like this can exist. But I wonder even more when I think if… if he would have done this in India, our politicians would have gone crazy.

The crazy fact is number 7 would have lost its importance, because it would have been the 8th wonder of the world as they would have passed the bill instantly to implement this idea. Because in this rush of elections, their minds busy in promotions, there would have been no better idea for corruption than this!! Project: Ink Saving would have changed into Project: Personal gain. Because they would’ve thought that no one has seen tomorrow, so let’s cherish today.

There are people who are fighting to pass various bills for betterment of people, but who cares!! Our elected politician care for only three things – I, Me & Myself. This has to end.

So, let’s vote for the right people, our votes are not for sale & bring the change.. This is how we are going to end this!!


What Do You Think?

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