Tumko Dekha to Yeh Khayal Aaya

“How did this happen?? You said it was possible,” said Rashika to her boyfriend, in restaurant.

“I thought it is, but he changed his mind at the last moment. He said that someone from his boss’ reference got it,” replied Samrat.

“I don’t know, I promised my father that I’ll do job very soon, along with dancing. If I got that job, all my relatives & neighbors would have kept quiet. ”

“Let’s decide one thing, we will not do anything which requires favor kind of thing. The favor bank is the most powerful, but the most dangerous bank. I didn’t want to do that, but for you I did it.”

“For me?? Now you don’t tell me, you kept your so called ‘principles’ aside for me!!”

“Yes, I did that only.”

“Ohh, then why didn’t you tell me before??”

“I thought… nothing… just.. I thought I can do that, what if I compromise my principles for one time, it won’t make any difference.”

“Now what’s next?”

“I, not only think but also believe that if you continue with your dancing, if you concentrate all your energy on this one, so beautiful thing, you don’t have to seek anybody’s favor, your dancing will speak for you. The grace you have, the killer instinct you have, the originality you have, it’s dance. It feels like this is what Rashika is!”

“Anything else, Mr. Socrates!”

“When I first saw you dancing on song ‘tumko dekha to ye khayal aaya‘, I couldn’t get my eyes off you. I saw you & I thought the same, zindagi dhoop tum ghanaa saaya. I never thought anybody can dance on this ghazal. Your grace, your simplicity, your expressions were phenomenal. And when you finished, I thought, why can’t you continue, please continue. It was childish indeed, but I wished that. You know what was mind blowing thing for me.. you only choreographed it. I was stunned. How can anyone do that!! On ghazal!! This is not what ordinary people do. This is what you are.”

“Wow…., really??”

“Yeah, I was in love from that moment. So I approached you instantly & couldn’t speak anything. But you, the great dancer, knew what I was trying to express. See, your dedication for dance, knowledge of expressions played very important part here again. Without me, saying anything.. you came to know what was in my mind. And every time you do that. When I hesitate to say something, you say it for me.”

“Ya, you shy!!”

“There you go!!”

“I’m sorry, I was so rude with you.”

“Forget about it & the crazy fact is noisy neighbors & jealous relatives never going to stop barking. And try to find any academy or dance school where you can teach dance and most importantly, where you can practise too. Let your dance speak for you, no favor.”

“Ok, I promise, I’ll do that, my king! You are just like your name!!”


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