May I have water, please?

It was 1pm. A boy peeped from the door, “Auntie, may I have water, please?”

My mother was busy. I went to look who was that boy & found two boys standing outside. They were distributing promotional pamphlets of a candidate for Lok-Sabha elections.

When I brought two glasses of water, I saw two more boys came over there. So I again went inside & tried to find two more glasses. But all the remaining glasses were in wash basin. Eventually, I found a jar full of water.


I went to back to them with jar. And I found one of the boy was hesitating to pass the glass to other boy, so I asked him whether he wants more. He earnestly said yes, with sense of relief that he was going to fulfill his thirst. I thought what if I had found two more glasses? But I had a sigh of relief that I wasn’t letting him go with his half of the thirst fulfilled. As I had a jar full of water, everybody was satisfied. I was happy & relieved.

I always disdained these boys who have been doing this stuff at the time of elections. I always thought that why are they wasting their time. But these are the boys who taught me very important lesson.

The crazy fact is, of course, there is joy in giving, but joy of giving in abundance is greater than it. Because, it includes satisfaction of both sides.


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6 thoughts on “May I have water, please?

  1. I believe Joy of giving should be refrained in some situations!!..
    I believe in social work.. Yes I definitely do.. Its a great feeling when you give a Rupee or a ten to a beggar on the street.

    The other day, I came across a young kid around 13years old, perfectly in good shape begging,”Saab.. de do.. thoda humein doge, aapko bhi acha lagega, bohot bhook lagii hai”

    I remarked with curiousity,”Ek kaam karte hai… Mai tereko kapda deta, yehh gaadi thoda saaf kar.. mai pandhra rupaya dega.. bol karega???”

    Innocently, the kid started making pityful faces trying to win my heart and the money without having to do the wiping. Silent few moments awaiting his reply, I asked,”Bol!”
    The kid nodded a NO.

    I said,”tere paas haath pair dono hai.. kaam naii karna hai.. mehnat naii karni hai.. aisei paisa chaiye bus?”

    The kid abused me in his Mother Tongue and left.

    The Base-Point is: It’s definitely good to help, but make sure, that you give the one what you feel should be given and not what they ask for.

    Well, in my defence: To be honest, I wouldn’t really make the kid wipe the vehicle, I was just inquisitive if the kid was willing to do an out-of-the-way-earn-a-money job. I would have given the money instantly had he would have given an Affirmative.

  2. Why are you being sorry for sharing your experiences & views.. 🙂 No matter how big or short they, are.. 🙂 😉
    And about your experience, that’s smart-work you are talking about.. I think that is the right way to treat the beggars, ask them to do some work if they are capable & then give money in favor of it..
    We have to make sure our abundance giving goes in right hands, not in those for whom, it doesn’t matter a lot or who are so lickerish..

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