Who’s actually crazy?


Horn blowing highly. I looked back, a man, in his mid-thirties in a car telling me to go ahead. I was on bike & pointed towards traffic signal board to show that signal is red.

He somehow managed to come on my left side & said, “Hey, are you crazy? Don’t you see others have gone, why are you still here??”

“See there, still 18 seconds remaining!” I replied.

“So what?? What if any vehicle hits us on backside by seeing other vehicles are going in a flow? It’s very dangerous to stop in this situation, while others are going.”

And he rushed.

The crazy fact is, in India, those who follow traffic rules are considered as crazy. If people see some space ahead, they just speed up. The sensible are those who stops only when a cow or any other animal crosses the road or the man in the khakee makes them stop.


(Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


2 thoughts on “Who’s actually crazy?

  1. Waah!! Beautiful.. 😀
    Another crazy fact is people have no 15seconds time to obey, however, they wouldn’t mind wasting time in minutes and hours on Facebook and Whatsapp!! Which of a little could be given to family too.

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