I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Hey, what is this? Is today a mis-match day in college or something?” laughed Sharon,  looking at a Prof. Johnson in suit riding bicycle.

“Look, he is wearing helmet too,” added her friend Cathy.

But Anna was looking with gleaming eyes & said, “This man is contributing to environment & our future. Because of him, our babies will be able to breathe easily, sea level won’t rise rapidly and ecosystems won’t be affected much. Plus, he’ll stay fit, healthy & won’t pay road tax too. The crazy fact is, 20 bicycles can be parked in your one car parking space.”


This post is a part of  Friday Fictioneers.


16 thoughts on “I Want to Ride My Bicycle

  1. I have a friend In COEP, a son of a Richshaw waala. He got himself placed in Texas with a whooping package of 11.8lacs, highest in his college. The guy still rides his way to college on a bicycle, being the only person in the college to do that, unbothered about what his friends or other people have got to say about it.

    I wish people could start thinking more like him!!

  2. Good for the prof, but that Anna sounds like a bit of a pain. You can laugh about someone’s appearnace without faulting their moral choices.
    It seems to me there are a couple of typos – ‘a’ in the wrong place in the first paragraph and then missing a few lines later. Just a little concrit for you, easily fixed without changing the story

    1. Yes, that’s great for prof.
      And I’ll improve on typos you mentioned.
      Thank you for caring enough to take the time to tell me what you see and how to correct it. I appreciate it! 🙂

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