Why Crazy Facts??

The first thing we do when we have new internet connection in our home is facebook. We try to have as much fun we can. Uploading photos, updating status, clicking likes, stalking girls’ profiles & all other things. I preferred updating status more than other things I mentioned. Whatever I used observe, perceive throughout the day, I used to write conclusion of some events as status on facebook. Getting very few likes or comments, no discussion over facts I shared.

One day, I updated status, but I thought this might be difficult to understand. So I asked my friend who liked my every status whether he understood it or not. He said no. I asked, then why did you like that status? He said, by seeing your name.. WTF?? That’s not for what I post!

If one person is doing in this way, probability is many others may be doing likewise. The most likes do not mean more meaningful stuff. I am an introvert, I like to think more alone than socializing. Then I started finding many things which are contradictory than we expect it to be.

Like, people told me to win final in annual sport event is so important But actually they didn’t expect me to win a single match, though I reached final. A bad boy in my class is more popular than a good boy. Movies like Chennai Exp., Krrish 3 are in 300 crore club, whereas meaningful, inspirational movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag earned only 100 crore on box office. People not treating me in the same way I treat them, if you copy in exam & do not get caught, you are not considered as copycat, but those who fail without cheating, are considered as fail & so many.

I wanted to express all these things in some way. I realized FB is not the right medium. So I started blogging about the contradictions I find in life & present it in terms of crazy facts with the help of short stories. These stories are inspired by real life incidences I came across, observed with addition of little imagination.

If you like, check out first post of Crazy fACTS here.

The crazy fact is, the reason to start writing crazy facts is not crazy!!


3 thoughts on “Why Crazy Facts??

  1. This is something like:
    If you say there are two million stars in universe, people believe you. However, if you tell them that the paint on the wall is still wet, they shall always touch it to verify and make sure. 😀

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