No Standard

“Why did you bring me here? I just won Grammy award. I’m supposed to celebrate in the world’d most standard,prestigious places, not here at supermarket. You want to go shopping, I know the best places in the world. Why here?” said rapper ‘DiRoa’ to his girlfriend Joanna.

“What’s wrong with this place?” replied Joanna.

“No standard! No decent branded accessories ! No cleanliness! The guy with you wearing ARMANI suit & the people here! Look at that guy wearing local jeans, some black colored local branded shoes & a hoodie! See the way he carries himself! Am I supposed to hang out with these people?”

They were looking at guy from back. Joanna went to the guy. He was listening to music with earphones. She unplugged earphone & DiRoa was stunned after what he saw. That guy was listening to his song for which he won the Grammy award.

“These unbranded people made you. You can wear this ARMANI because they choose to listen to your songs. The crazy fact is people whom you call having ‘no standard’, made you ‘standard’, isn’t it?”

Then DiRoa gave autograph to the guy along with his ARMANI watch & thanked him for listening his song. He also acknowledged Joanna for teaching him a very important lesson.


7 thoughts on “No Standard

  1. Lovely..
    One must never forget where its been up-brought!!
    Upgrade yourself, raise your standards.. defiitely.. one should.. BUT never forget your ROOT!!! 🙂
    Nicely put up Champ!! 🙂

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