Thrill in Books

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

“Hey, Rohan! Let’s go to Club Pacific. I called everyone from our group. Let’s hang out, get high, dance on the beats of Italian duo. You coming, right?” said Sid, on the phone.

“No, I’m busy reading ‘Deception Point’ by Dan Brown. It’s so exciting. He’s going to reveal a villain in next few chapters,” replied Rohan.

“Come na! Alisha is also coming.”


“You are so boring. You always say no!”

“The crazy fact is, the thrill in these books is a way better than thrill of getting high, out of our mind & dancing and puking all around. See, how interesting you are!!”


This post is part of  FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.


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35 thoughts on “Thrill in Books

  1. Dear Pratik,

    Rohan is infinitely wiser than his friends. I think he needs to find some new ones. Good one.

    On a grammatical note: it should be “I’m busy reading” 😉



    1. Yes, I want to add to this.. I think he either needs to find some new friends or make his present friends wiser like him.. 🙂 😉
      And Thank you for caring enough to take the time to tell me that grammatical note. I really appreciate it! 🙂 🙂

  2. How can you say what’s even more thrilling when you really haven’t Party-ed?
    Everyone has a different perception! 😉 😀
    For you, reading may be more of a thrill, but to some Extrovert, it may not be!! 😀
    I don’t really think if this one should actually count in to one of your Crazy Facts! 😉

    1. I respect your point of view, but I’m not having problem with partying. Yes. it is about individuality, but the problem is about getting high on the name of having fun or thrill.
      Yeah, it can’t count in crazy fact, because I can imagine the obvious fact is that feeding thrill to mind through books is better than thrill of damaging liver… 🙂

      1. I beg to differ, you should try everything once though. life is short, live everything once!
        Hope you’ll understand NOW what i meant! 😉

  3. I’m a book lover, too, as well as a fan of partying, just not that kind. Hopefully he’ll find some way to party that’s doesn’t involving getting high and puking and some friends with similar tastes. Another small item: “You coming” needs to be “You’re coming.”


    1. Thanks for your concern to tell me about the another small item. But I used it deliberately to show informality in friends’ discussion.. 🙂
      If there are better ways to show it, please suggest it. Your feedback is always welcomed..!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Dear Patrick, You are right, however when we were young, I could drink my husband under the table and he was so shocked. Ha ha I laughed. Think of another ploy. I’m not kidding about this, but I’m reading a Dan Brown book right now – I think it’s been around for awhile, but it’s good. So, I’m with Dawn above. Really good story! Nan 🙂

  5. Pratik, I think Rohan was very wise, and I also like what you said about him keeping his friends to help them become as wise as he is. It seems to me that you have a lot of wisdom too. I enjoyed your story. God bless you!


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