Good in Everything



Hot summer days are so taxing not only to human beings but also to birds when it comes to fulfilling the thirst.

We were talking outside our classroom and a stubborn, vicious, wicked man came to us with smiling face. He was an assistant in one of our labs. Whenever we went in his lab, he was always there to teach us how to behave in labs! So every time we mention him or discuss about lab, we always used these adjectives in reference with him. We always detested him.

He showed us water cooler placed at the corner. We saw a crow standing over panel of water cooler from where all the dripped water goes into sink. Then he added that he kept the tap slightly open. Because when he went to drink water, a thirsty crow was in search of water drop, but all the water sank. And when he went near, crow flew. So after drinking, he kept it open for the bird.

We were staring at cooler & that crow was fulfilling his thirst through a slightly open tapped, dripping water. Everyone was happy & acknowledged him for his smartness. The crazy fact is, we will never know about good things in other, if we keep stressing on their negative things.

Also let’s help birds who are dangling on the chain of thirst by keeping water in bowl in our balcony or terrace.


(Image courtesy of  Vlado /

This post is part of  Write Tribe – Wednesday Prompt 2014 #13



14 thoughts on “Good in Everything

  1. There is a special category of people that believes in doing good selflessly in their own unique way….appreciate your concern towards the wonderful creatures ….lovely anecdote with a lesson

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