Even a Salute Is Not Enough

I Am Ready To Serve My Country
I Am Ready To Serve My Country

“What happened to you, dear? Why are you upset??” asked Poorvi to her husband.

“Nothing!” replied Padmaj.

“Tell me, no! What is the matter?”

“I just read the news that Major Mukund Vardarajan & a soldier died fighting terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir, cremated with full state honors. And his father is so brave like him. He lost his son but he said that he is proud that his son laid down his life for the country. Not everyone can get a 42-gun salute in a ceremony complete with full military honors. Our contribution to society, to nation is nothing in front of these lionhearted officers.

“The crazy fact is, even a salute of respect from us can’t equal the level of safety he was providing us.”

“In these situations, we, common people can just salute him & extend our condolences to his family members. That’s it! So I’m more upset.”

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Time For A Change
Time For A Change

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4 thoughts on “Even a Salute Is Not Enough

  1. My brother-in-law is in the Navy. He sent us info about Major Mukund through WhatsApp.
    Most of the public isn’t aware of his loss… while we are enjoying our ‘freedom’, our soldiers are laying down their lives…

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