It’s The Same Idea

Rahul reached Kochi for a conference in which he was going to present his idea on the next day about how to charge the battery of a truck by converting mechanical energy generated by rotation of wheels.

The organizers took him to his hotel room. As soon as he entered, he touched the bed & pillows in the room gently, sniffing & having feeling of joy.

The surprised organizer asked, “What are you doing, Sir?”

He replied, “The crazy fact is, the idea for which I used to sleep on the streets during the days of struggle  is the same idea that is making me sleep here.”


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Sense Of Being Alive

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“Wake up, Theo! Go for a walk. Waking up late is not good for health,” said father.

“Oh, no! Dad!! You always force me to do things,” replied Theo.

“You’ll feel fresh for rest of the day if you experience freshness of air in the early morning.”

He somehow convinced Theo to go for a walk.

When Theo exhaled the fresh air & closed his eyes, he lost into the fog of contemplation.

“What I had been doing? The crazy fact is, I was missing the most beautiful moments of life which give me sense of being alive for extra unnecessary sleep.”


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(Not)Happy Anniversary

“Happy Anniversary, Dear!!” said Neeta aunty, a former neighbor to Ritu on phone.

“Hmm..” replied Ritu.

“What happened? You’re fine, nah??”


“No!! You’re not sounding good. What’s the matter? Your mother was also not responding to my call from last Diwali. Is everything alright?”

Then she realized that she could no longer hide the truth & said, “I’m at mom’s place. I’ve filed a case for divorce. I was with him only for 3 months. He is so strange, hot-headed & expert in making mountains out of a molehill. The crazy fact is, the one with whom I thought I’d be sharing everything is the one whom I was frightened to even.. talk!”

“Ohh, I’m so sorry.”

“No problem, Aunty! You didn’t know it.”


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Humanity Is Present Everywhere

“Sir! Madam! Hurry up!! Get out of the building. The garbage disposal pipe of building has caught fire. Hurry up! Get out!!” screamed Ramdas, a watchman of Royal Platinum society knocking each door of building.

It was 11:30 pm. The garbage disposal pipe attached to building caught fire.

“Adi, wake up fast! We need to go out,” said mother.

“Don’t worry, Arti, I got him. I’ll pick him,” said Amit to his wife, picking their 5 years old child. 

Eventually, every family got out of the building safely. Fire brigade did their work & assured that everyone was safe. After investigating the root cause of fire & disposal pipe, they gave precautions to prevent problems in future. Then everybody went home.

It was 1:30 am.

When Arti tried to open the grill gate, they came to know that it was latched from inside. She admitted, while rushing to go out of the building, she slammed the door & maybe because of it, the lower side latch locked due to banging. As it was lower, they couldn’t put hand inside from the middle to unlock it.

Amit tried out everything, but it didn’t work. Some of his neighbors tried, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Some of them only had a look of what was going on & left. Slowly, everybody was disappearing. Mr. Sane, who was the last person present there apart from his family escaped saying that he would look for something in his home to unhook the latch, but didn’t come back.

Three of them were lonely outside their flat, sitting on staircase. Amit, who moved there two months ago due to work, had no relatives nearby & neighbors were behaving like strangers.

Amit was losing his temper & said, “What to do now? Can’t you be little cautious.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose, it was an honest mistake,” replied Arti.

“When will we get inside, Mom?” asked Adi.

“Sooner, son! Don’t worry. Just wait,” said Amit.

“Where is Mr. Pardeshi, whom you dropped to his office when he missed train. Went to sleep so that he won’t miss tomorrow! Where is Mr. Srivastav, a formula one driver who always peeved you for not having car & uses your bike when his Ferrari was punctured! Where is Mr. Roy, a roaring lion in concrete jungle, who always bragged about his living standards & branded accessories! Is he busy in ironing his ‘Allen Solly’ jeans! When we are in need, no one is here to take us in their home for one night! How mean & selfish they are!” said Arti.

“Tell me about your friends in here! Where is Mrs. Sharma, the biggest fan of daily soaps, busy in watching repeat episode of ‘Balika Vadhu’! Where is Mrs. Ahuja, your make-up artist, doesn’t she have any necklace or lipstick or any cream to show or she is busy in straightening her hair! Where is Mrs. Khurana, the gossip queen, go tell her that we got a headline for her New York Times – Desai family is going to stay on the staircase for whole night!”

“What is this? Are we going to fight like this for whole night?”

“No, you know what, loneliness is the best state to write poetry. So let’s start writing rhymes..”

“What happened, sir?” interrupted Ramdas, while he came for hourly visit.

“We are unable to open the door, it latched from inside. So we stuck here,” said Amit.

“Means until carpenter comes & uses his L-shaped thin iron rod to unhook it, there is no way to go inside. It means you will be here, on staircase for whole night! No, I’m not going to let that happen. You can do one thing, you come with me, we have an extra bedding, collect it & sleep on terrace. I have a carpenter friend whom I’ll call early in the morning & you will get inside.”

Ramdas & his family was living in single room outside the building. Amit followed him & along with bedding, went to terrace to sleep.

“What’s wrong with these people? Where has humanity gone?” said Arti.


“It’s time to change our mindset of running towards materialistic things. It doesn’t mean anything,” said Amit, “These so-called sophisticated people didn’t come to rescue, but a simple Ramdas. This high class, high standard lifestyle, their cars, jewelry, kids in international school, branded accessories, 42-inch LED TV, can’t teach them humanity. Their temperament in these kind of adversities show their actual characters. And the crazy fact is, humanity is present everywhere, but we should not expect it from wrong people.”

At 6:30 am, Ramdas came to them with his carpenter friend & they got inside. When they went to thank him & return his bedding along with a doll for his daughter & a box of strawberries for his family.


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“I don’t want to do another movie, dad!” cried Jason Parker, son of Hollywood action superstar Justin Parker.

“What is the matter with you? You are going to be next Hollywood action star at the age of 15 only, people are crazy about you!” said his father.

“Dad, I am your son, but I want to be what I am! The crazy fact is, your child wants to blossom into what he is, not ensnared in your ways.”

*      *       *

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An Angry Letter to Myself

The Idea to write this letter came from blog post of Vinay on 10 reasons you should write an angry letter & Congress general secretary gone public about his relationship..  And The Letter Goes: 


Hey Pratik,

No, No… Let me spell your name first… L-O-S-E-R! Ya, that’s right! Don’t wonder, I spelled it correctly. What would I call a pathetic nerd who has not made a girlfriend in his 6 years of college life.

Don’t tell me that you studied, attended lectures, obeyed teachers & parents. It’s not what college life is meant for. Yeah, it is up to certain extent, but there is another purpose for college life.

I couldn’t resist writing you about this after knowing that a politician named Digvijay Singh, a 67 years old dude, just admitted that he has a girlfriend & going to formalise it, also said he condemns encroachment in their private life.. You 21 year old LOSER, do you even know the meaning of words like condemn, encroachment. I bet your name haven’t even attached with any girl in these years. Just tell me if there was a single speculations about you having an affair with any girl, I will gift you Porsche 911 targa. No, you don’t have any answer.

You are 21 now & still single, never been in a relationship, this is today’s youth! This youth is going to bring change in country, this youth is going to make future, this youth who can’t face a girl if they like her. Don’t say I can do it! Tell me what happened on a Rose Day, when ‘that’ girl’s simplicity bewitched you? You just needed to give a Pink Colored rose as a sign of Crush. Tell me what happened on Saree Day, when you couldn’t take your eyes off ‘that’ girl in Red Saree? Tell me what happened in front of principal’s office when ‘that’ girl’s presence of mind & candid nature blew your mind. You know the height, your crush in plus two & you were about to cross each other’s way, but you jerk changed the route so ‘that’ she will not notice you. These all ‘that’ girls are different girls, ohh.. it can’t get any worse. What your tongue gets tied while facing girls & it frees itself while talking trash with friends!

That skinny, egg-headed, irritating guy in your class has more female friends than you & check his relationship status on FB, you’ll die for shame. How contradictory it is! Ohh.. from contradictions, I remember you wanna write crazy facts based on contradictions you find in life. Here comes my favorite part, here is the simplest & bitterest crazy fact ever: When 67 years old dude was busy in affair, clicking selfie with his girl, a 21 years old was busy in stalking girls’ profile & his fickle mind was shivering to click ‘Add Friend’ button.

If, by mistakenly she accepts friend request, you celebrate by eating something meetha, i.e., Dairy Milk. But after that never dared to say ‘hii’ when she is online. May I have a big round of applause! See how feeble efforts you make to make bonding & then envy her friends by seeing reply for their non-sense comments by her.

Your feelings only come out to make poems out of it. At least make a effort to approach a girl, then whatever happens after that, take it for granted. As you know comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there! Stop making excuses & take a leap!! Don’t make me write about this again!!!

Bbye & F*** Off!!

P.S. – Don’t read next line :
Madonna Aunty dates a guy just 5 years older than you!!

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Time For A Change
Time For A Change

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