An Angry Letter to Myself

The Idea to write this letter came from blog post of Vinay on 10 reasons you should write an angry letter & Congress general secretary gone public about his relationship..  And The Letter Goes: 


Hey Pratik,

No, No… Let me spell your name first… L-O-S-E-R! Ya, that’s right! Don’t wonder, I spelled it correctly. What would I call a pathetic nerd who has not made a girlfriend in his 6 years of college life.

Don’t tell me that you studied, attended lectures, obeyed teachers & parents. It’s not what college life is meant for. Yeah, it is up to certain extent, but there is another purpose for college life.

I couldn’t resist writing you about this after knowing that a politician named Digvijay Singh, a 67 years old dude, just admitted that he has a girlfriend & going to formalise it, also said he condemns encroachment in their private life.. You 21 year old LOSER, do you even know the meaning of words like condemn, encroachment. I bet your name haven’t even attached with any girl in these years. Just tell me if there was a single speculations about you having an affair with any girl, I will gift you Porsche 911 targa. No, you don’t have any answer.

You are 21 now & still single, never been in a relationship, this is today’s youth! This youth is going to bring change in country, this youth is going to make future, this youth who can’t face a girl if they like her. Don’t say I can do it! Tell me what happened on a Rose Day, when ‘that’ girl’s simplicity bewitched you? You just needed to give a Pink Colored rose as a sign of Crush. Tell me what happened on Saree Day, when you couldn’t take your eyes off ‘that’ girl in Red Saree? Tell me what happened in front of principal’s office when ‘that’ girl’s presence of mind & candid nature blew your mind. You know the height, your crush in plus two & you were about to cross each other’s way, but you jerk changed the route so ‘that’ she will not notice you. These all ‘that’ girls are different girls, ohh.. it can’t get any worse. What your tongue gets tied while facing girls & it frees itself while talking trash with friends!

That skinny, egg-headed, irritating guy in your class has more female friends than you & check his relationship status on FB, you’ll die for shame. How contradictory it is! Ohh.. from contradictions, I remember you wanna write crazy facts based on contradictions you find in life. Here comes my favorite part, here is the simplest & bitterest crazy fact ever: When 67 years old dude was busy in affair, clicking selfie with his girl, a 21 years old was busy in stalking girls’ profile & his fickle mind was shivering to click ‘Add Friend’ button.

If, by mistakenly she accepts friend request, you celebrate by eating something meetha, i.e., Dairy Milk. But after that never dared to say ‘hii’ when she is online. May I have a big round of applause! See how feeble efforts you make to make bonding & then envy her friends by seeing reply for their non-sense comments by her.

Your feelings only come out to make poems out of it. At least make a effort to approach a girl, then whatever happens after that, take it for granted. As you know comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there! Stop making excuses & take a leap!! Don’t make me write about this again!!!

Bbye & F*** Off!!

P.S. – Don’t read next line :
Madonna Aunty dates a guy just 5 years older than you!!

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7 thoughts on “An Angry Letter to Myself

  1. Ha ha 😀 .. I wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of your anger Pratik ;).

    Thank you for the mention and the link 🙂 .. Nice letter btw, hope the person it is intended to reads it.. Some letters are meant to be posted 😉 😀

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