It’s The Same Idea

Rahul reached Kochi for a conference in which he was going to present his idea on the next day about how to charge the battery of a truck by converting mechanical energy generated by rotation of wheels.

The organizers took him to his hotel room. As soon as he entered, he touched the bed & pillows in the room gently, sniffing & having feeling of joy.

The surprised organizer asked, “What are you doing, Sir?”

He replied, “The crazy fact is, the idea for which I used to sleep on the streets during the days of struggle  is the same idea that is making me sleep here.”


This post is a part of  Write Tribe – 100 Words On Saturday #15


8 thoughts on “It’s The Same Idea

  1. A wonderful story! Agree with Sulekha, an idea can change your life, truly!! Glad that he believed in his idea and worked towards it! 🙂

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