Being Unreasonable


“Hey, what are you doing here? What’s going on?” asked Ritesh to his school friend Rahul, seeing after 5 years in a college which he assumed Rahul had no connection with.

“Ohh.. Look at you, jerk! You have so changed. How are you?” replied Rahul excitedly neglecting what he asked.

“I’m Good. Good to see you after 10th. You tell me what are you doing here?”

“I just came here to see this college. It’s a well known college of city. So I wanted to see the campus, students, library & other infrastructure. Wait.. wait.. You were in this college for 11th & 12th. Then what are you doing here right now?”

“What can I say? I’m here to apply for 12th exam as an external.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“I don’t feel like studying, yaar! It’s so boring. I had given 12th exams 4 times, still one subject is not cleared. After 4 attempts, I joined diploma & left 12th. Right now, I cleared 2nd year of diploma, but due to first year backlog I am not eligible for 3rd year. So, I came here to apply for 12th externally & give paper of diploma simultaneously.”

“Dude, why did this happen? Are you interested in some other stream or what? Or some girl broke your heart so you are distracted & not taking yourself seriously?”

Both laughed.

“No! Nothing like that. It’s lack of interest in study. What about you?”

“I am waiting for final semester result of B. Sc. Then going to opt for masters degree.”

“Yeah, you have always been good in studies.”

“Forget about me. You tell me what happened to you, dude. If you are not interested in studies, then what interests you? What is that you want to do by yourself?”

“Nothing, yaar. It’s just I don’t want to study.”

Ritesh was reluctant to open up.

“That’s fine. Then what you want to do? For what you are obsessed?”


“Come on, you can tell me.”

“Leave it nah.. Tell me have you met one of our friends? What are they doing?”

“It’s not about them, right now. Tell me about yourself. Don’t change the topic.”


“Nothing, yaar. I’m obsessed with using everything branded. All branded accessories. See my shirt, Lou-i Phili-pi, my watch, Tag Ho-yer, my jeans, Levi’s, my shoes, Puma. Because of this, I didn’t study.”

“Bullshit. You can’t even pronounce the brand names correctly & saying you’re obsessed for them. It’s Louis Philippe & Tag Heuer. You liar!”

Again, both laughed.

“So what? I can’t pronounce brand names correctly. I know being good in studies doesn’t prove anything, but are you doing something which you love doing.”

“No! I only like razzle-dazzle & fun. You drink?”

“Stop running your dirty mouth! You wanna tell or I should go?”

“Tell me directly that you are getting late to meet girlfriend. So you want to go.”


“You tell me now, these actors, actresses have anything to do with these marks & merits? Then also they are leading lavish lives, cars, fame, fan following, everything.”

“Yes, they do not have anything to do with it.”

“Then why is it important to us?”

“Yeah, they do not prove anything. But why are you asking me about actors & actresses. Oh.. wait! wait! You want to become an actor?”


“Wow! Then what’s the problem? Join an acting school, if not possible meet an actor & ask him to train you, teach you basics, start working in dramas. Have you told your parents about it?”

“No. They will say that you can’t clear 12th exam & how are you going to act in films, you are skinny & you have no godfather & all. Do you think I can act?”

“What you think you can act?”

“Yes, I’m confident about myself.”

“Then go for it. I know you are & you were the ugliest guy in school, but it is not the matter. You’re confident about yourself. And not every actor in the industry is handsome, your talent is going to count.”

“Yeah, I know I’m ugly, but my talent will leap over it. But..”

“I’m so sorry, but I have to go. I’m feeling so bad that we can’t talk about it more right now about your interesting thing. I got call from home. We will talk about it again. Do not give up on what you want to do. Bye!”

The crazy fact is, each & everyone of us wants to live a dream, unreasonable to society, but very reasonable to ourselves.


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Does Every Student Must Be Equally Bright?


Does all trees should grow to the same height
Does every student must be equally bright

When a student tops in the exams,
Every one goes & congratulates him,
He thinks like he has won the world
but when the student who always gets
below average marks, why no one cares?

When a topper says that it was a tough paper,
Every one says the same, feel pity for him
He goes into  deep depression
But why no one asks the below average student
Why is every paper tough for him?

When a topper fails to score top marks anytime,
Everyone thinks, something was unfair,
He thinks why does this happen to me
But when the below average student fails in subject
Why every one thinks something is wrong with him

When a topper was learning by rote
So that he can answer in oral next day,
He thought he will impress the teacher
But the bold below average student was,
Expressing his feelings to a girl he liked

When a topper was copying the answers from guide,
So that he won’t get punished the next day,
He thought that was the intelligent thing to do
But the dreamer below average student was,
Noting down quotes from the inspirational biography

When a topper was maintaining a decent demeanor
So that he can look decent & sincere in people
He thought no one will speak against him
But the below average student was in fantasy,
Taking off filters of bike so that it sounds like riding a superbike

When a topper was engulfed into memorizing theories,
So that in coming exams he will be a topper again
And get applause from teachers & posters in town for topping
But the believer below average student was,
Forming own theory out of curiosity to enjoy brainstorming

The facts will be crazy, if articles related to topper will not remain as ‘a’
And for ‘the’ below average student, it will turn to ‘a’ in the future


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Whatever Happens


At xerox center.

“Hurry up, friend! Staple it fast! This is the time to close the shop,” said shopkeeper to Shrijit.

“Yes, uncle! Just wait. I was arranging the documents & lost the track,” said Shrijit adjusting the pages hurriedly.

“Ohh.. How much time do you need for this easy work?” criticized shopkeeper & went in to pack up everything.

And then he realized that the main wire of machine has stuck under the machine because he dragged it in hurry. The only way to take out that wire was to lift the machine up. As it was a heavy machine he could not do it himself.

“Hey, friend! will you please help out with this?” asked he politely.

“Yeah, sure!”

They both lifted machine little bit upward & wire was out.

“Sorry, friend for being rude with you. If you wasn’t losing the track, I would have done it tomorrow & I don’t know whether the wire would have been in same condition,” said shopkeeper to Shrijit.

“It’s fine, uncle. I understand.”

The crazy fact is, no matter what happens to us, it is going to lead us at better place. The optimistic attitude is the player.


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Let The Bird Fly


“Tomorrow, you must wake up at 5 ‘o’ clock in the morning for MMA training.”

“No, dad! I want to become a musician. So I want to spend that time playing a guitar & composing tunes.”

Father broke his guitar by banging it on floor.

“Now you have no option, you got it?”

“The crazy fact is, keeping a bird in cage when it is meant to fly is more dangerous than letting the bird fly though that is failing to touch the sky.”


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What The World Is Getting


“Dad, I heard people saying that my movie is dull, corny, waste of time and all,” said Fahad to his father, on his debut film.

“So?!” replied father.

“This is what you are saying! What about hard work of four months each & every member of crew, production, editors, actors, directors have put. Can’t they appreciate our efforts? They don’t even know sometimes we worked for 18 hours a day. But in two hours they were saying it’s a waste of time.”

“Son, you need to accept this hard truth that no one cares what you are doing. How much efforts you had put, how many hours you spent tirelessly to make a single piece, no one really cares. The world only focuses on how it will be benefited from it. They watch your movie for entertainment & if they think you were unable to deliver it, they are going to say this. So get used to it & focus on doing your work. The crazy fact is the world only cares about how it is getting benefited from your endeavor, not how much you endeavored.”


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No Explanation

“May I have Bisleri, please?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure!” replied shopkeeper.

I went to submit documents for Non-Creamy layer Certificate for my brother at Municipality Office which was near to slums. Because these offices are so crowded these days & we have to get in as early as possible to save time. In that hurry I forgot to get water bottle from my home. I was in the shop near the office which was actually in slums.

“20 rupees,” he added.

I paid 20 rupees & when I saw the price tag on the neck of bottle. It said 20 rupees only. I wondered how it was possible. That bottle was taken out from fridge & if it is from fridge, shopkeeper charges extra 2 rupees. This is an usual practice in cities, in so called hi-fi areas. But the kind shopkeeper from slum didn’t charge me any extra though it was from fridge.

*                      *                     *
At the municipality office:

“Please, do me a favor. I can’t afford that much,” said a man, in his mid-forties, wearing untidy clothes, beard fully grown with a 16 year old kid.

“No, No! We can’t do it. We do not get much profit in that. We have to give some of it to our seniors,” replied the agent.

The man wanted a certificate with which tuition fees of the college can be reduced to half according to Reservation for Backward Class category candidates. The state board pays half of the fees if necessary documents are submitted in college in specified time. So it was urgent & very important.

“Please, help us out. I don’t have enough salary, then how can I give that much money? I live in one room in slum, I’m a worker at MIDC, I am not well educated. The things which I don’t have, the suffering, the poverty I’ve experienced, I don’t want my children to do the same. I want them to be educated & lead a better life. So, please try to understand.”


But the agent was adamant. The man left, scolded his son for the careless behavior & not waking up at the right time.

I was perplexed by what I saw. They are the same kind of people. On one hand, the people didn’t charge me any extra penny, on the other hand, they were refused to compensate for their mistake because they couldn’t give away enough black money.

The crazy fact is, there comes such experiences in life when we do not have any explanations for some circumstances & events. We have to live just as it is.


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Ohh No!! I Can’t Say Adios..

And the call for job interview came.  I passed the aptitude test. But the bitter thing was that it was on the same day as the farewell party of college. In the morning there was a project competition & in the afternoon- farewell party.

I had to choose one. Actually I had no option than going for an interview. I was baffled by the fact that should I be happy for selection or sad by not being there. As I had to go for an interview.

The interview didn’t go well. The reason was not the attention towards farewell, but lack of clarity of purpose for applying for job. I could not made it to next round. But I wasn’t more upset about it, but missing the last moments with my friends.

I had fun when my friend recalled the joy which he had & I felt so bad that I missed it as well as the job.

I missed the whistles blowing in front of our stubborn & strict disciplined head of department. I missed the weirdest award distribution which included categories like Mango Man, Lady Dabangg, Cuttie Pie which was awarded to a male & chanting of different names whenever each category was announced.

Every moment I wanted to accumulate in my heart. The last moments in classroom was more precious than any other regular class. The hooting of the name of guy’s crush in front of teachers, everyone in a state of delirium, no worries of future, only cherishing the present, I really missed that.

The most favorite part I missed – They gave a long white cloth to express ourselves, so that when we will not be there, they will cherish our memories we posted there. I wanted to write many things over there, but they are now inside only.

The crazy fact is, it is easy to read the quotes about ‘sacrifice’, but when it comes to actually doing it, the pain of losing one thing for another is inevitable.


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Fantasy to Reality

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Zeeshan sat down in his room after dinner, thinking about the most romantic ways for the first kiss when he will go on a date, even though he didn’t have a girlfriend for now.

After thinking for so long, he could not get a good idea. So he switched off the lights & lit candles to get make his mind more focused & creative.

Finally he got an idea & started making a picture of it.

*                 *                *

Yesterday, he kissed his girlfriend Taheera in a boat in the middle of a river at the time of sunset.

The crazy fact is, the thoughts which were only a fantasy once can become a reality if we believe in it.


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Take Me On The Journey


“According to you, which is the most beautiful place in the world?” asked my friend Fred.

“Why do you want to know?” I replied.

“Just asked!”

“According to me, the journey on which any book is taking me is the most beautiful place. Give me any book & take everything else from me, I don’t have any problem.”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“Yes, if there is any place where peace is guaranteed, it is a book. whenever I read any book I feel a peace of mind, like I don’t want anything, but book.”

“Dude, seriously?”

“Yeah. It is not like I don’t like to visit beautiful places, but this is the best place where I can live forever. I don’t care where the writer is taking me, but living in that world is beautiful.”


“The crazy fact is, the wisdom shared in the books is capable of taking us to the places & heights where we can never imagine we would reach.”


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