The strongest Bond

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Anvita was gazing at door of her wedding hall for Ayush, her first love.

Her father forced her to marry a man from the same cast against her will in order to avoid pressure from community.

*                 *                  *

Anvita & Ayush are enjoying honeymoon in New zealand & living happily flinging away any pressure from community.

On the day, Anvita was about to imprisoned for rest of the life, Ayush showed up before the main ceremony.

And the crazy fact was, the bond of love blended with bicycles near the door was strong enough to cast away narrow minded attitude of community.


This Post is a part of  Friday Fictioneers & Five Sentence Fiction .


6 thoughts on “The strongest Bond

  1. Prince Charming to the rescue.

    A technical suggestion, though. That second to the last paragraph would be a lot better a read if you exchanged it with the paragraph above it. Do that, you’re home free! 🙂

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