Take Me On The Journey


“According to you, which is the most beautiful place in the world?” asked my friend Fred.

“Why do you want to know?” I replied.

“Just asked!”

“According to me, the journey on which any book is taking me is the most beautiful place. Give me any book & take everything else from me, I don’t have any problem.”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“Yes, if there is any place where peace is guaranteed, it is a book. whenever I read any book I feel a peace of mind, like I don’t want anything, but book.”

“Dude, seriously?”

“Yeah. It is not like I don’t like to visit beautiful places, but this is the best place where I can live forever. I don’t care where the writer is taking me, but living in that world is beautiful.”


“The crazy fact is, the wisdom shared in the books is capable of taking us to the places & heights where we can never imagine we would reach.”


(Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


2 thoughts on “Take Me On The Journey

  1. That’s so true Prateek! Books are highly underrated and highly rewarding as well.. Well, only a blessed few derive the true pleasure out of it. Others cant possibly seem to understand that!

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