What The World Is Getting


“Dad, I heard people saying that my movie is dull, corny, waste of time and all,” said Fahad to his father, on his debut film.

“So?!” replied father.

“This is what you are saying! What about hard work of four months each & every member of crew, production, editors, actors, directors have put. Can’t they appreciate our efforts? They don’t even know sometimes we worked for 18 hours a day. But in two hours they were saying it’s a waste of time.”

“Son, you need to accept this hard truth that no one cares what you are doing. How much efforts you had put, how many hours you spent tirelessly to make a single piece, no one really cares. The world only focuses on how it will be benefited from it. They watch your movie for entertainment & if they think you were unable to deliver it, they are going to say this. So get used to it & focus on doing your work. The crazy fact is the world only cares about how it is getting benefited from your endeavor, not how much you endeavored.”


(Image courtesy of  Apple’s Eyes Studio / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


5 thoughts on “What The World Is Getting

  1. True Pratik, no one really cares! It is all about how much we mean to them and how much of a value add we can make. Everything else we do is our own personal story and the world rarely has something to do with it…

  2. It is true that every little appreciation makes us happy however hard work is impossible to be measured. Odd feedback speaks louder that you have an audience who are watching and expects a lot more from you i.e The best is yet to come….. 🙂 We should just believe in our action and definitely one day will come when world change its taste…..:D. It is a nice read Pratik.

    1. So true, hard work is impossible to measure.. We have to move forward no matter what happens. Because life is a journey & consistent efforts make a change gradually.. 🙂
      Thanks for appreciation & sharing your views.. 🙂 🙂

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