Whatever Happens


At xerox center.

“Hurry up, friend! Staple it fast! This is the time to close the shop,” said shopkeeper to Shrijit.

“Yes, uncle! Just wait. I was arranging the documents & lost the track,” said Shrijit adjusting the pages hurriedly.

“Ohh.. How much time do you need for this easy work?” criticized shopkeeper & went in to pack up everything.

And then he realized that the main wire of machine has stuck under the machine because he dragged it in hurry. The only way to take out that wire was to lift the machine up. As it was a heavy machine he could not do it himself.

“Hey, friend! will you please help out with this?” asked he politely.

“Yeah, sure!”

They both lifted machine little bit upward & wire was out.

“Sorry, friend for being rude with you. If you wasn’t losing the track, I would have done it tomorrow & I don’t know whether the wire would have been in same condition,” said shopkeeper to Shrijit.

“It’s fine, uncle. I understand.”

The crazy fact is, no matter what happens to us, it is going to lead us at better place. The optimistic attitude is the player.


(Image courtesy of  Serge Bertasius Photography / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


2 thoughts on “Whatever Happens

  1. Yea.. everything happens for a reason. True. Had a good read. 🙂

    On a different note : “if you “wasn’t” losing the track,
    Wasn’t 〓> weren’t
    However that too sounds a lil offbeat.

    “Had you not have lost your track”

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