Fearless Actions


“These ideas will not work in practical world, no one will pay you for this and if only a single person do, I’ll touch your feet,” said Lalit’s father.

Lalit remained silent & went in the bedroom, frustrated, thinking he can’t live his dream.

*                 *               *

After two days, he read a gratitude letter in front of his parents which he wrote himself to thank them for all the sacrifices they did from childhood to this day.

In those two days, two out of three agreed to pay for services he rendered based on his ideas & he wasn’t concerned about proving anything to his father.

The crazy fact is, instead of choosing egoist ways to end the discussion, choosing to spread love leads to more fearless actions in pursuit of living a dream.


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Hollow Success

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

“I ain’t going to meet my parents,” said Kevin to his aunt, at the breakfast.

“Why not?” replied aunt.

“I have a lot of work, many cases are pending. I can’t.”

“So?? When you were 5 years old, your father’s left eye was injured; though he went to drive taxi to earn a daily bread. Your mother used to add water in milk due to lack of money to make ends meet. At least respect that. Take these chopsticks, go there & toast marshmallows. They will be more than happy.”

He agreed.

The crazy fact is, when sacrifices done behind the scenes are overshadowed after tasting success, it’s a hollow success.


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Erroneous Expectations

At college X.

Father: We would like to take admission in your esteemed college through management quota for my son. Whatever the charges, we are ready to pay.

Management quota is a quota in which some percentage of seats are reserved for those who want to take admission through donations, without following the standard procedure. Paid admissions.

X College Representative: Sorry, sir! We don’t have seats, admissions are full.

Immediately drove to next college, college Y.

Father: We would like to take admission in your esteemed college through management quota for my son. Whatever the charges, we are ready to pay.

Y College Representative: Sorry, sir! We don’t have seats, admissions are full.

Immediately drove to next college, college Z.

Father: We would like to take admission in your esteemed college through management quota for my son. Whatever the charges, we are ready to pay.

Z College Representative: The charges are 6 lakhs Rupees. Come tomorrow with your son’s documents & demand draft. Admission will be confirmed.


Father: No problem, just reserve the seat.

Z College Representative: Consider it done.

The crazy fact is, still they expect their child to study hard for his bright future.


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Compromising Oneself

“Sorry, I’m busy in completing assignments, so I can’t come with you to deliver packets of biscuits to your clients,” said Ketan.

“This is not fair! When it comes to help you, I never said no; even though I had to lie to my parents or hide the truth from your so called ‘girlfriends’,” replied Aryan.

“I thought that you had no problem doing it & I can’t say yes if I want to say no.”

“You always have some excuse.”

“But try to understand, dude! I thought you had done for our friendship.”

“What kind of friendship?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t want to do it?”

Aryan remain silent for some moment, because he did it to prove that he was helpful, caring which he was not; but tried to project as one in others eyes.

“I don’t want to have friendship with those who do not have a helping hand. We’re done here,” said Aryan furiously to conceal his fake nature & left.

Ketan also didn’t react thinking it was a cruel treatment.

The crazy fact is, relationships formed based on compromising oneself yields bitterness amongst people involved.

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Man Made Unhappiness


Copyright – Kelly Sands

“These local brand clothes make me feel inferior in front of my friends. This time, I want Levi’s clothes,” complained Suzanne to her father.

Father didn’t respond, but lifted a heavy bag from storage room & insisted her to walk along.

On the road, father unzipped the bag, gave away all their older clothes to beggars & their children. Her annoyance replaced by happiness after realization, when she noticed smiles & true joy in their eyes after receiving what they didn’t even have enough.

The crazy fact is, the black clouds of unhappiness are created by a man’s mind, not by circumstances.



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Ineffectual Into Meaningful


“Nine years ago, everybody thought that you will be ineffectual in life because of your brawls, dangerous group tussels & participation in dirty politics. But today, a skinny bad boy turned into a huge good boy. Look at you, so decent, happy & cheerful. Even I thought, at least you’ll be facing a half murder trial by today,” said mother on the opening ceremony of gym of his son, wiping her eyes.

Both smiled exquisitely.

“No, Ma!” replied son, “When I started gymming, it gave me a true joy. Looking in the mirror, pumping biceps & having sense of being healthy is more fascinating than those nonsense brawls.”

“Surely, it is.”

“Then I decided that one day I’ll have my own gym where everyone will gather to gain health & be happy. When I’m in gym, I always realize that there are more beautiful things to do, where everyone is driven by love & care. Supporting & guiding people to remain healthy is more exhilarating than beating people down. When I see people striving to get into shape, stay fit, though they are doing it for themselves, but it soothes me, it feels like home.”

The crazy fact is, an ineffectual life can perform wonders when led by a sense of purpose.


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Is Reading Books Cool These Days?

ID-100175009 “Hey, are you coming with us to hill station this weekend?” asked Kunal to Abhinav.

“Sorry, dude! I can’t,” replied Abhi.

“Basant, Varun & Chinmay are also coming. And why always no? Before this, we asked you for party, tournaments, movies, I’ve never heard you saying yes.”

“So? I can’t come, I said no. I am not stopping you from going or I never stopped you before from doing anything.”

“Then what will you do instead?” “I will read Paulo Coelho’s Manuscript Found In Accra.” “Ohh, please!! Are you serious right now?”

“Yeah, I read reviews & that really interested me to read the wisdom shared by author.”

“You will do some boring reading at the expense of fun? C’mon!! We will take photos, do trash talking & all the messy things. It will be fun.”

“I know. But no.”

“This reading stuff is for senior citizens, not for youngsters. When you will retire, spend all your time in reading. Not at this age when you are mean’t to enjoy. Who reads books at this age?”

“Enjoyment does not only mean partying, movies, or travelling. I enjoy reading books more than these things. I am not saying you are wasting your time, but for me, being with books is more enjoyable.”

“You are such a nerd.”


“And this nerd motivates you when you score less marks than you thought, understands you when your anger explodes in the heat of moment, clears your mind when you are confused, helps in your projects when you see no possibility. From where this knowledge comes? From where I can share the insights? These books are the source. I can also call you a nerd who is obsessed only with an enjoyment in youth, not thinking about shaping future.”

“I’m not a nerd. And stop your lecture, you started sounding like my father.”

“You can articulate your floating thoughts into right words. Treat them as friends & they will you give you more reasons to become friends forever.”

“But who reads books now-a-days. Books stalls had been closed due to lack of interest of people in books these days due to technology.”

“Yes, you are right. But the thing is, medium of reading is changed from printed books to ebooks; readership is not reduced. With the evolution of smartphones & technology, people are reading more on their gadgets. They are still fascinated by the facts about writers like from where the wisdom comes, where can they meet writers, what are the points to discuss when they will meet authors. They still discuss about books with friends & get inspired, motivated or lost in discussion about characters of novel. They aspire to become a writer by looking at them.”

“Really? I think they are busy in playing games on their smartphones. Writers themselves do not pursue career as a full time writer, because ebooks are easily available than printed ones.”

“True. But that doesn’t change the fact that reading is old-fashioned. Even Bill Gates said, ‘I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.’ Books provide food for thoughts, thoughts provide food to action and actions shape our lives.”

“Don’t you think games on smartphones or PC is more fun & cooler than reading? That’s why kids prefer gaming over reading fairy-tales. They hardly read other books, except the academic ones.”

“They are engulfed in games & apps rather than fairy-tales, I think they consider games as fairy-tales where they discover new adventures every time they complete a level & more enthusiastic about completing next, like adventures described in novel or fairy-tales by authors which interests them. And that’s a nerd thing also.”

“Are you kidding?”

“Not at all. I agree technology impacted up to some extent, but books are irreplaceable. Games are not knowledge givers, but provides impetus to brain. So for kids, It is pretty good, but when they will grow up, they need to understand the importance of books.”

“Yes, it sounds right. But what about compromising enjoyment from travelling, partying or entertainment from movies?”

“I’m not saying I’ll never come with you for these activities, but that books really excited me. So no for this time. I also like doing those things.”

“Manipulative dialogues. From which book is this coming?”

Both laughed.

The crazy fact is, coolness applies to reclusive reader & socially capable party animals too.


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I Was A King In His Eyes. But Now..

Copyrights: Claire Fuller

11:30 pm. Husband comes home depressed. “What happened?” asked wife.

“While coming home, 4 drunken men stopped me & accused me of stealing car,” replied husband.


“I pleaded that I’m innocent, it’s my own car. Then their evil intentions showed up when they started checking my pockets & took all the money which I saved to gift a bicycle on our son’s birthday. I was a king in his eyes. But now..”

“You still are. The crazy fact is, love & care make parent a king than those drunken men who forget about their children & threaten others for a life-threatening addiction.”


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