Ineffectual Into Meaningful


“Nine years ago, everybody thought that you will be ineffectual in life because of your brawls, dangerous group tussels & participation in dirty politics. But today, a skinny bad boy turned into a huge good boy. Look at you, so decent, happy & cheerful. Even I thought, at least you’ll be facing a half murder trial by today,” said mother on the opening ceremony of gym of his son, wiping her eyes.

Both smiled exquisitely.

“No, Ma!” replied son, “When I started gymming, it gave me a true joy. Looking in the mirror, pumping biceps & having sense of being healthy is more fascinating than those nonsense brawls.”

“Surely, it is.”

“Then I decided that one day I’ll have my own gym where everyone will gather to gain health & be happy. When I’m in gym, I always realize that there are more beautiful things to do, where everyone is driven by love & care. Supporting & guiding people to remain healthy is more exhilarating than beating people down. When I see people striving to get into shape, stay fit, though they are doing it for themselves, but it soothes me, it feels like home.”

The crazy fact is, an ineffectual life can perform wonders when led by a sense of purpose.


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2 thoughts on “Ineffectual Into Meaningful

  1. Explained well with the conclusive lines–an ineffectual life can perform wonders when led by a sense of purpose. its damn true for everyone of us. We find purpose in our aspirations. Good wishes.

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