Man Made Unhappiness


Copyright – Kelly Sands

“These local brand clothes make me feel inferior in front of my friends. This time, I want Levi’s clothes,” complained Suzanne to her father.

Father didn’t respond, but lifted a heavy bag from storage room & insisted her to walk along.

On the road, father unzipped the bag, gave away all their older clothes to beggars & their children. Her annoyance replaced by happiness after realization, when she noticed smiles & true joy in their eyes after receiving what they didn’t even have enough.

The crazy fact is, the black clouds of unhappiness are created by a man’s mind, not by circumstances.



This Post Is Also A Part of  Friday Fictioneers.


20 thoughts on “Man Made Unhappiness

  1. That serves them right! :).. It reminds me of Warren Buffet who talks about branded clothes..

    It is really beautiful to see the one time second richest man have no association with brands or clothes 🙂 ..

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