Compromising Oneself

“Sorry, I’m busy in completing assignments, so I can’t come with you to deliver packets of biscuits to your clients,” said Ketan.

“This is not fair! When it comes to help you, I never said no; even though I had to lie to my parents or hide the truth from your so called ‘girlfriends’,” replied Aryan.

“I thought that you had no problem doing it & I can’t say yes if I want to say no.”

“You always have some excuse.”

“But try to understand, dude! I thought you had done for our friendship.”

“What kind of friendship?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t want to do it?”

Aryan remain silent for some moment, because he did it to prove that he was helpful, caring which he was not; but tried to project as one in others eyes.

“I don’t want to have friendship with those who do not have a helping hand. We’re done here,” said Aryan furiously to conceal his fake nature & left.

Ketan also didn’t react thinking it was a cruel treatment.

The crazy fact is, relationships formed based on compromising oneself yields bitterness amongst people involved.

Relationships-formed (1)



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