When The Road Will Be Clear..

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright- Roger Bultot

“First learn how to conduct a business, how those people have meetings, how they strategize a plan,” said Kelly to Shaun.

 “It will take at least 4-5 years,” replied Shaun.

 “Obviously, you need those as you are not good enough.”

 “Yeah, I will learn in the process. Actually we will never be good enough. There will always be a room for improvement.”

 “Why can’t you wait for the right time?”

 “But, there is no guarantee that I’ll be alive till the right time comes.”

 The crazy fact is, waiting for the road to be clear is futile; we need to drive through as per the present conditions.


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Uncertain Table Of Life

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields
PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

“Your Father was a humorist. He used to write humorous stories for hours, sitting here in tranquility. People loved his stories a lot,” said Michelle to her 8 years old grandson.

“Wow!” replied Oliver.

“You were only few months old. On that day, he was walking roadside, observing the world to seek stories, and a car crashed him. This table has not seen him since.”

“How did this happen?”

“A drunken man was driving that car.”

“Why did this have to happen to him?”

“The crazy fact is, you can certainly control what happens on this table, but not on the uncertain table of life.”


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Lost Somewhere

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg
                PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright- Björn Rudberg

“You have to get a job first & then give time to whatever your so called business from hobby.”

“But, mom! Why can’t I do it full time?”

“There is no security.”

“We don’t know yet.”

“You don’t have even a degree for that.”

“Degree doesn’t matter. There are people who have degree, but don’t know how to apply that knowledge practically.”

“It will take time. What will people say if they see you, not yet settled in life & their wards driving their own cars.”

“The crazy fact is, if I try to please everybody, I’ll be lost at some place from where, there will be no coming back.”


This post is also a part of  Friday Fictioneers.