Increasing The Comfort Zone


“If tyre of your bike was punctured, why didn’t you ask your colleague to give you a lift to bus stop?” asked father to his son who recently joined a new company.

“But, I am new there,” replied son.

“So, what’s problem in asking for help? You walked 2 kilometers.”

“It was awkward to ask. We are all new there. We haven’t interacted much. I barely know anyone. It felt uncomfortable.”

“Son, the crazy fact is, you need to get uncomfortable to increase the comfort zone.”

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4 thoughts on “Increasing The Comfort Zone

  1. i think walking 2 kilometer was better option rather than asking help for stranger colleague……
    because you never know that “stranger” colleague is helping with good intentions?
    it’s more important that have faith in you to help yourself…. rather than
    asking help.

    1. Yes, we should have faith in ourselves.But colleagues are not strangers anymore if we are going to work with them everytday. It is about getting to know each other as soon as possible so that we can help each other.
      And Thanks Chaitanya for sharing your view..!! 🙂 🙂

  2. I agree completely. Smiling, even when you have nothing to smile about, is a great cure. “Fake it ’till you make it” applies in this situation. If we think of how we can help others, our own troubles may seem minor in comparison. Even if they aren’t, it’s a more productive use of our time.

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