This Is Why We Must Be Proud Of ISRO

When an Indian says I want to work in NASA, the desire to punch them in the face is evident. We have ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization in our country which was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai in 1969. Great scientists including former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had worked there on some innovative missions that completed successfully making the nation proud, then why does anybody wants to go to NASA and use their intelligence for them? It is not about the freedom of choice given by the Constitution of India or patriotism; it is about using the great mind of us and intelligence for development of our country.

With a lot of misconceptions about ISRO in Indians as well as people around the globe, this video will give a reason why Indians must respect their own organization. The facts and well researched data presented in this video will change the attitude of people who does not respect ISRO because they think they should invest money in reducing the poverty in India than those missions of space. ISRO endeavors to be more productive in fewer budgets assigned for missions. It also helps Indian economy to grow. The most valuable asset of ISRO is scientists. The crazy fact is they work for less pay than their counterparts who make millions working somewhere else. They are driven by a purpose and a vision Dr. Sarabhai set for them. Watch this inspirational video that shows why we must be proud of ISRO.