And They Say It Matters…


That girl with fully pierced ear, in top and jeans, and dispersed curly hair said thanks with humility and generosity when I complimented her that she has a beautiful smile.

But that girl with simple straight long hair and Punjabi dress gets palm-twitchingly mad at me when I complimented her that she has a beautiful smile.

And they say appearance matters…

That guy with hair bun and hipster beard, full arm tattoos wearing T-shirt, jeans and canvas shoes told me never to be sorry for being who you are.

But that guy with so much oil rubbed on hair, brushed hair on one side wearing formal clothes and clean shoes told me to never do anything different to avoid people say anything about me on my back.

And they say individuality matters…

That girl, who talks a lot, wears glittering clothes and people talk crap about her behind her back told me to take stand for myself.

But that girl, who is always quiet, wears simple clothes and people think of her as a good girl told me to be submissive and compromise is the truth of life.

And they say personality matters…

That guy who laughs weirdly and go crazy after reminiscing something funny from past told me to be happy no matter what happens.

But that guy who always behaves courteously and restricts his honest response told me to behave thoughtfully to funny situations and not to laugh at silly jokes.

And they say decency matters…

That girl who is still struggling for 8 years to become an actress told me to never compromise your values and principles.

That girl who just got promotion after sleeping with her boss told me to do whatever it takes.

And they say character matters…

That guy who works at a startup earning very less and nobody understands the reason told me to follow my dreams.

But that guy working at MNC and changed 3 companies in 3 years to get higher package told me security is more important and follow the crowd.

And they say money matters…

That girl with beautiful face, who always posts selfies and get hundreds of likes does not care when I asked her to give donation to orphanage.

But that ugly girl not only gives 100 Rupee note but also asks if she can visit the place and spend some time with children there.

And they say beauty matters…

That guy who had many girlfriends, but never had genuine feelings for anyone told me never to get serious into relationship.

But that guy who never got into relationship because the girl he loves and have genuine feelings for, is a girlfriend of THAT guy.

And they say love matters…

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True Love Evolves Unintentionally

“We can’t get into a relationship. I find you interesting. You don’t get into relationship because the other person is interesting,” said he.

“Oh, crap!” she reacted.

“No, it’s not! I deliberately did many crazy things in front of you because you are so spontaneous and I enjoy watching those graceful, genuine, witty and adorable reactions. I was always waiting for a moment to watch you reacting spontaneously on whatever illogical or nonsense I used to say. I didn’t even focus on what you were saying; I was always focusing on elegance and poise in your expressions. Those are interesting. I wanted to enjoy those.”

“You don’t know! But, this is the most romantic thing anyone can say to anybody.”

“Oh, crap!”

She blushed.

He realized after few seconds that he said something that he shouldn’t have said, “Was it? Okay..!! It was. But this cannot be another reason you want to get into relationship, right?”

“You still want my spontaneous reaction!?”

The crazy fact is, true love evolves unintentionally irrespective of the right way.