True Love Evolves Unintentionally

“We can’t get into a relationship. I find you interesting. You don’t get into relationship because the other person is interesting,” said he.

“Oh, crap!” she reacted.

“No, it’s not! I deliberately did many crazy things in front of you because you are so spontaneous and I enjoy watching those graceful, genuine, witty and adorable reactions. I was always waiting for a moment to watch you reacting spontaneously on whatever illogical or nonsense I used to say. I didn’t even focus on what you were saying; I was always focusing on elegance and poise in your expressions. Those are interesting. I wanted to enjoy those.”

“You don’t know! But, this is the most romantic thing anyone can say to anybody.”

“Oh, crap!”

She blushed.

He realized after few seconds that he said something that he shouldn’t have said, “Was it? Okay..!! It was. But this cannot be another reason you want to get into relationship, right?”

“You still want my spontaneous reaction!?”

The crazy fact is, true love evolves unintentionally irrespective of the right way.


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