As I Look Deep Into Her Eyes


Every day, I think, I won’t think about her.
But, those thoughts emerge,
When I see a couple laughing together.

Those feelings evoke,
As beats of a romantic song vibrate my eardrums.

Tears drip down,
When the mind,
Rolls over those moments we spent together.

An escape from those memories is unavoidable.
Sometimes, the pain becomes unbearable.
My soft heart gained a reputation of cold-hearted.

Yes, she left without a word.
Yes, I am alone now.
Yes, I am afraid to commit again.

Her leaving without a goodbye was agonizing.
I have thought of thousands of reasons for that.

But, an unclarified mind,
Seems far away from the right reason.

I don’t know,
Whether she made the right choice.

But, she gave me a reason to live.
To live for the moment when I will meet her.

And the crazy fact,
My heart will melt as I look deep into her eyes
And forget everything…
Like I used to.


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