Unreciprocated Love


I gestured shopkeeper,
My forefinger and middle finger,
Forming a V-shape,
All other fingers rolled in toward palm,
He brought two Chocolate Cadburys,
It was my routine while going to college.

That’s when I saw her,
I don’t like chocolate at all,
Get me a milk Cadbury,
She declared to her friend.
I was astonished to hear that.
After all, who doesn’t like chocolate?

My love for chocolate was endless.
I could not live without chocolate.
And she didn’t like chocolate at all,
She demanded milk Cadbury,
And I don’t like milk at all,
I smiled to myself, startled.

She was a new girl in our colony.
Beautiful, jovial, assertive, and bubbly.
Her brash and carefree stance,
Was enough for me to fall in love.
I was intense, more formal, and quiet.
When alone, I couldn’t help myself, but blush.

After all, how a relationship would grow,
Without two people with opposite personalities,
Complete each other,
Complement each other,
And fall in love with,
Everything they are not.

And we fell in love,
I can’t tell you how it happened,
Because I start blushing as I reminisce,
Everything happened to me,
For the first time,
She was my first love.

Those feelings can’t be described,
When we walked together holding hands,
When we smiled on each other’s weirdness,
When we looked in each other’s eyes fondly,
When we watched sunset silently,
When we appreciated each other’s individuality.

And… That one day,
When she told me she was leaving me,
Her parents found a match for her,
He was an NRI, working in foreign countries,
He was indeed better for their prestige,
But that was for her parents.

I was a simple guy, having a decent job,
After all, I had unlimited love for her.
But, I was shattered when she said,
I am leaving you for him, I tried to convince,
I will reach that level, just give me some time,
But, she left me with nothing, but shattered dreams.

And… Now,
The love for chocolates has ended, permanently.
Every time I think of eating chocolates,
It reminds me of the girl,
Whom I loved unconditionally,
Whom I accepted as the way she was.

Even though I eat it,
The sweetness has become sour,
The essence of cocoa has disappeared.
The passion with which I ate, is no more,
Though shopkeeper is offering for free now,
But the vehemence for chocolates has been dissolved.

How a person can change someone’s life?
How a person can make the world upside down?
Why a person can’t wait?
Why a person runs behind an oasis?
Is it my fault to choose love above all?
Is it my mistake to fall for everything I am not?

The crazy fact,
We were same,
We both fell in love,
With everything ‘I’ am not.
For me, it was about nature,
But for her, it was about bank account.


(Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


3 thoughts on “Unreciprocated Love

  1. great writing.
    i love it when words arent minced, and metaphors don’t confuse, and all phrases are precise to their meaning… (maybe because i’m personally unable to write that way) 😛

    but still..i believe i shall indulge furthur in these crazy talks you’ve got. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for appreciation. It means a lot..!! 🙂 🙂
      And thanks for following my blog.
      I have checked out your blog. I felt inspired to write more poetry and musing. I’m very glad to connect to you.

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