At last, I am Attached

No matter how much I tried,
I got attached,
Knowing the attachment,
Will result in disappointment.

I lash out at myself,
How can I do that?
When I knew the end result,
Of getting attached.

While roaming in my dreams,
The attachment felt like a fairy tale,
But when the reality hit,
It turned out to be a nightmare.

Then I pretend, I wasn’t attached,
It was something else,
When I said that, I failed,
To find a word for that something else.

But is it in our hands?
To get attached to
And not to get attached to,
Someone… Consciously?

Yes, it is, I think.
When we knew the result,
Why to feed the brain with fairy tales?
Why to roam in dreams?

No, it isn’t, I then think.
Because those dreams emerged,
Without my control,
And that’s the best time I could have.

It felt like, I don’t want to,
Get back to brutal reality,
But I have to, because the life is,
Not about dreams and fairy tales.

What’s nightmarish was,
Admitting myself that,
I got attached,
Even after deciding not to.

The crazy fact,
What’s more nightmarish is,
To get unattached consciously,
After getting attached unconsciously.


What Do You Think?

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