So Small World, So Huge Attachment


So small world, so huge attachment,
So less closed ones, so deeper bonding,
And when the time for goodbye comes,
No one to talk, to express,
To be open, unfiltered, and genuine,
The vulnerability has no way to flow,
And I, alone can’t handle it.

I fed my mind so many fables,
But daydreaming has its drawbacks,
It deepens the attachment,
Without letting you know,
Without your control over it,
When attachment deepens,
Control over detachment diminishes.

Then the question arises,
Why did I trained my mind in such way?
Why did I fed irrational fables?
Why did I keep my world so small?
Am I still a kid who roams in dreamland?
And believes in fairy tales?
Only to make separation hard for myself.

May be feeding fables is not irrational,
Stiffing my comfort zone is,
Closing doors for new thing is,
Living in a small world is,
Not expanding my horizon is,
The crazy fact,
Not having someone, to whom,
I can express unfiltered feelings is.

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उस नाजूकसी नजाकतने…


उस नाजूकसी नजाकतने न जाने कितनो को घायल किया,
जैसे सवारी उन्होने जुल्फे अपनी, हमने खुदही को भुला दिया।
उनकी इक नजर मे, हमारे तो होश उड़ जाते थे,
पता नही उनके घर के आयने हररोज़ बिखर कर केसे जुड़ जाते थे ।

सवारना तो हम भी चाहते थे अपने दिल को,
समझाना तो हम भी चाहते थे अपने दिल को,
पर क्या करे, उन आँखों की मस्ती ने हमको रोक दिया,
इक झपक मे हीे, अपना दिल हमने उनके प्यार मे झोक दिया ।

जलन होती थी हमे उनसे, जिनके साथ वो हसती खेलती थी,
और हम तो उनकी इक नजर के लिए तरस जाते थे,
पर क्या करे, उन लोगों को उन लम्हो की कदर नही थी,
और हम उनके खयालो मे पूरी ज़िन्दगी जी जाते थे ।

उनकी जिंदादिली देख कर हम जमाने की बुजदिली भुल गए,
और उनसे हुई थोडीसी गुफ्तगू हमारी, हमारे तो किस्मत के दरवाजे खुल गए ।
उनकी इक मुस्कुराहट देख कर ही, हमारा मन भर जाता था,
क्योंकि कुछ देर के लिए ही सही, पर दिनमे चाँद जमींपर दस्तक लगाने आता था ।

बहुत शर्मीले है हम, उनके खयालो मे ही ख्वाब बुनते बेठे,
हमसे दिल का हाल बताने मे थोड़ी देर क्या हुई, वो किसी और को अपना दिल थमा बेठे।
उन्हें समजना चाहते थे हम, पर वो अपने ही दुनिया मे मस्त हो रहे थे,
और हम जो हमारा कभी ना था, वो ना मिलने के गम मे शिकवा कर रहे थे ।

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Don’t Tell Anybody, It’s My Secret


Hey, my friend, I have a story to tell,
Don’t tell anybody, it’s my secret.

Yes, friend. Say what you feel.
I won’t tell anybody. Your secret is safe.

And lot of friends, started pouring their secrets,
Confiding in me, trusting me with their true self.

I’m a quiet guy, a good listener.
I know inside stories; it makes me special.

So, I encouraged everyone, to speak their heart out,
To tell what others shouldn’t know, I gave them an ear.

That’s what a friend should do, I was happy to be a good friend,
Secretly happy to know secrets, and then it started.

And my inherent nature of overthinking added more fire to it,
I was getting anxious over what they all were going through.

I was at peace when I looked and reflected upon my life,
But I couldn’t find peace when I pondered on those miserable stories.

They were only craving for understanding and no judgment,
that’s why they chose me to hold those deepest secrets.

But what about me? Have they ever thought how difficult it is?
To bear those honest and unfiltered stories and feelings.

When the whole world has different perspective about them,
And I have to hide the truth that may change the world’s perspective.

It became difficult & agonizing, to bear so many stories inside,
My mind may burst one day with overload of stories.

Yes, those stories were touching, some unreasonable, and irrational.
And it was painful for me to realize that I can do nothing, but listen.

The crazy fact, the heart that hold a lot of secrets, is full.
But still it’s empty, because it’s also helpless.

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बस छीन ना लेना हमसे हक़….


होश हमारे उड़ाकर, क्यों मदहोश हे हम, पूछ रहे हो आप,
घने अँधेरे में खूबसूरतकी नुमाइश करने वाले, उस चाँद से भी खूबसूरत हो आप।

धुंधले लगने लगे हे मंजर, जिसे हम खूबसूरत कहा करते थे,
धोका दे रही थी हमारी नजर हमे, जिन पर हम नाज किया करते थे।

नजरोसे भी भूल हो जाती हे कई बार, खूबसूरती को परखनेमे,
और अल्फाज भी कम पड जाते हे, किसीकी तारीफ़ करनेकी आजमाइशमे।

अंजाम भुगतने के लिए तैयार हे हम, खूबसूरतीकी परिभाषा करने में जल्दबाज़ी करनेका,
बस छीन ना लेना हमसे हक़…. आपके इश्क में फना हो जानेका।

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Realized How Happy I Was


Lost in my world,
Realized how small it was.

Roamed in a fairy tale,
Realized how fascinating it was.

Woke up in reality,
Realized how brutal it was.

Walked on my own path,
Realized how alone I was.

Stopped to take rest,
Realized how fierce it was.

Reflected on what happened,
Realized how unfortunate it was.

Contemplated on what’s happening,
Realized how chaotic it was.

Thought about what will happen,
Realized how unpredictable it was.

Explored the world out of comfort zone,
Realized how big it was.

Smiled on my reserved life,
Realized how tiny drop in an ocean it was.

Abandoned attachment of everything,
Realized how peaceful it was.

The crazy fact,
Gave up over thinking,
Realized how happy I was.

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Materialistic World

“Hey, how are you?” Sukriti greeted Nakul with an utmost affection.
“I’m good,” replied he in a usual tone as he got off his bike in the college parking. While locking his helmet, he asked about her and checked whether he handle-locked his 100cc bike. Her smile glistened as he looked at her.
She was content as he asked about her well-being. But she replied adorably, “I’m good too.”
Sukriti admired him for his simplicity, sincerity, and integrity. She was in love with him, but never told him. An introvert nature, feeling of not being good-enough, and average looks resulted in a low esteem in her. Though she was eloquent and articulate about how she feels, but when it came to Nakul, it was different. The admiration and confrontation to genuine feelings prevented her from expressing love for him. Nakul was so conservative, quiet, and emotional. Whenever he complimented her, she expressed her gratitude through blushing only.
“Look who is looking ravishing today?” Nakul said as he stepped outside the parking lane and noticed her black kurta and red leggings. An embroidered border on Chinese collar and plain black color dispered all over kurta magnified her beauty.
She blushed, but to hide her genuine feelings, she replied noticing his white shirt, “Guess how many girls will have a crush on the dude in white?”
“Stop flattering me. A ‘thank you’ would have been enough.”
Nakul was aware of her admiration, but he avoided having that uncomfortable conversation about her feelings for him. He was in love with Parul. A beautiful, witty, and charming Parul always emphasized on the fact that she has a taste. Knowing Parul’s way of thinking and her entire demeanor, he knew she was out of his league. But he was ready to love her with every bit of his heart. She never showed any love interest in Nakul. Every day, he thought of different ways to impress Parul with his witty talks, his very few funny experiences, and helping her in every way possible. One thing he knew he will never be able to do is lure her with cool gadgets, bike, and all the materialistic things which she defined as her taste. Nakul, being a simple guy without a smartphone, or cool looks, and having a bike with good fuel economy only dreamed for a long ride with Parul on his bike. He lived in a hope that his love will change her. But till now, all his attempts to form an emotional bonding were in vain.
As they reached cafeteria, all of their friends were already there including Parul. They greeted everyone. Their friends showered compliments over Sukriti, while Nakul was interested in Parul’s reaction on his shirt. She didn’t seem to notice. She greeted him and got busy in her phone. Though he was disappointed, he behaved normally. The disappointment in his eyes was evident to Sukriti. As they finished breakfast and usual chatting, they moved toward classes. Nakul was walking alone, behind everyone else to prevent his feelings from bursting if he gets into a conversation with anyone. He didn’t tell anyone about his crush. As Sukriti noticed him walking alone and his pitiful face, she approached him.
“Hey, what happened?” asked she.
“Nothing,” said he.
“I know you’re pretending that you are normal and also trying to avoid expression of your honest feelings. So why don’t you spit out what really is the matter and we’ll find what we can do about it?”
“If you could figure that out, then I guess you also figured out that I have a crush on Parul. And I don’t know how to impress her. She is way out of my league.”
“Yes, you’re right. I know. But I’m not able to figure out why do you need to impress her? Just be who you are. No need to change yourself in trying to be good enough for her.”
“You are not getting my point. She won’t date a guy like me.”
“No, you are not getting my point. You don’t have to make you feel inferior because a girl has high materialistic expectations for her boyfriend. You don’t have to try to fit into her expectations.”
“Yeah, I hate to admit this. The world respects people with high materialistic belongings. But she is the one who does that. So the only way to impress her is to show that I can get to that level.”
“Really? I think you are also one of them who respect materialistic belongings. You were not, but you are becoming one of them with thoughts like this.”
“I know. But what can I do now? I’m not about to get it out my head. I’ve taken a step in the direction I’m not able to get back.”
“You will. Because this isn’t love. It’s infatuation. It comes and goes.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I know what love is. And you’ll know when you will be in love.”
“I think I’m in love.”
“No, you’re not. You won’t need to change yourself when you are in love. You accept your love as the way they are and also yourself as the way you are. This materialism doesn’t matter.”
“Yes, it does.”
“If you think it does, then you are devaluing yourself. You are overlooking the fact that you are special and you are disguising your true self in chasing oasis of materialism. You are overlooking the fact that you swum for eight straight hours in Bay of Bengal. You are national swimming champion. You have endurance of a marathon runner, and above all, you have a kind heart. You are enough, you don’t have to focus on showing off you are capable enough. You should be proud of it.”
“Ohh, I could never think of this. I never looked at myself in this way. Thanks for showing me this. How stupid I was to compromise who I am.”
“It’s fine. You don’t have to go hard on yourself.”
“Yes, you are right. But I want to know, how do you know what the love is?”
“Just the way I know we have reached the class.”
“This is not done.”
“We’re done here. Time for studies.”
“But you won’t escape from this after the class.”
“We’ll see that.”
And they entered the class.
The crazy fact is, an endeavor to fulfill the materialistic expectations set by the world sinks the true value of a person.

It’s Difficult To Sip In

It’s difficult to sip in,
When all the happiness,
Is bestowed upon us,
And we don’t know,
Whether we are worthy of it.

It’s difficult to sip in,
When all the adversities,
Make their way to break us,
And we don’t know,
Why is it happening to us?

It’s difficult to sip in,
When all the trust,
Is reposed upon us,
And we don’t know,
How to handle it.

It’s difficult to sip in,
When all the praise,
Is showered upon us,
And we don’t know,
If we deserve it.

It’s difficult to sip in,
When all the misunderstandings,
Begin spoiling our relationships,
And we don’t know,
If we did something wrong.

The crazy fact,
It’s difficult to sip in,
When life bombards with,
Good times or bad times,
With all its might,
All at the same time,
And we don’t know,
How to react to it.

No Need To Be Good


No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will reciprocate.
It doesn’t care about,
Being good in return.
Instead it delves into finding,
The mean purpose behind the good.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be fair.
It has different definition of fair,
They will state their own,
And the rules defined by it,
For not being unfair.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be a better place.
It will take down,
To the places, unexpectedly,
That are beyond,
The gruesome imaginations.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be peaceful.
For some time, it is harmonious,
And the order is established.
But the slightest hint of a spark,
Is enough to get the chaos rolling.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be a fairyland.
Where a gesture is made,
To strengthen the bond,
And the bond weakens and breaks,
When it comes to ego.

The crazy fact,
No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will restore its faith in humanity.
After doing good without expectations,
And trying to demolish evil from its roots.
But the roots are so deep and formidable,
That it will restore faith in evil.

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How Many More Days?


How many more days?
This will continue,
This living half-heartedly,
Thinking thousand times,
Before doing anything.

How many more days?
I’ll be living with fear,
That resides in back of the mind,
Second-guessing at every step,
Questioning my conscience.

How many more days?
Living with a feeling of,
Not being good enough,
Because of the inferiority complex,
Developed with each passing moment.

How many more days?
Looking in the mirror,
The reflection will say,
Lack of self-respect,
Full of self-doubt.

How many more days?
Another fear will grow.
While leading this way,
What if I get used to,
This way of living?

The crazy fact,
How many more days?
I’ll live in comfort zone,
And ask only one question,
Will I be ever be able to,
Live whole-heartedly ever?

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