How Many More Days?


How many more days?
This will continue,
This living half-heartedly,
Thinking thousand times,
Before doing anything.

How many more days?
I’ll be living with fear,
That resides in back of the mind,
Second-guessing at every step,
Questioning my conscience.

How many more days?
Living with a feeling of,
Not being good enough,
Because of the inferiority complex,
Developed with each passing moment.

How many more days?
Looking in the mirror,
The reflection will say,
Lack of self-respect,
Full of self-doubt.

How many more days?
Another fear will grow.
While leading this way,
What if I get used to,
This way of living?

The crazy fact,
How many more days?
I’ll live in comfort zone,
And ask only one question,
Will I be ever be able to,
Live whole-heartedly ever?

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