No Need To Be Good


No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will reciprocate.
It doesn’t care about,
Being good in return.
Instead it delves into finding,
The mean purpose behind the good.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be fair.
It has different definition of fair,
They will state their own,
And the rules defined by it,
For not being unfair.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be a better place.
It will take down,
To the places, unexpectedly,
That are beyond,
The gruesome imaginations.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be peaceful.
For some time, it is harmonious,
And the order is established.
But the slightest hint of a spark,
Is enough to get the chaos rolling.

No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will be a fairyland.
Where a gesture is made,
To strengthen the bond,
And the bond weakens and breaks,
When it comes to ego.

The crazy fact,
No need to be good,
Expecting the world,
Will restore its faith in humanity.
After doing good without expectations,
And trying to demolish evil from its roots.
But the roots are so deep and formidable,
That it will restore faith in evil.

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4 thoughts on “No Need To Be Good

  1. another piece worth a lot of applaud.

    But I have a slightly different opinion here…
    I believe- be good unconditionally. You’ll be hurt, used, abused quite a lot in the beginning. And there would be multiple instances where you find your belief and trust in the world lost and marred. But as time flows, and if you keep on it undettered… you would begin to find such vast amounts of happiness, joy, love and peace inside of yourself… that you wouldn’t want/expect anything from anyone in return of anything.
    That phase comes, and it’s that point in life when the overwhelming realisation of what love is, settles upon a human mind.
    It is life changing…
    And more than that, it changes not only the person, but also those around him/her.
    No one can resist pure goodness, it just penetrates and spreads and multiplies.

    That’s the reward of being good. 🙂

    1. Ohh.. This is a piece of wisdom of ages. I guess I have to go through the process to understand this. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to do that, because my beliefs are shaking with rage invoked due to some events.
      But this shows you have gone through a lot and emerged wiser, smarter, and braver. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 🙂

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