Realized How Happy I Was


Lost in my world,
Realized how small it was.

Roamed in a fairy tale,
Realized how fascinating it was.

Woke up in reality,
Realized how brutal it was.

Walked on my own path,
Realized how alone I was.

Stopped to take rest,
Realized how fierce it was.

Reflected on what happened,
Realized how unfortunate it was.

Contemplated on what’s happening,
Realized how chaotic it was.

Thought about what will happen,
Realized how unpredictable it was.

Explored the world out of comfort zone,
Realized how big it was.

Smiled on my reserved life,
Realized how tiny drop in an ocean it was.

Abandoned attachment of everything,
Realized how peaceful it was.

The crazy fact,
Gave up over thinking,
Realized how happy I was.

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