So Small World, So Huge Attachment


So small world, so huge attachment,
So less closed ones, so deeper bonding,
And when the time for goodbye comes,
No one to talk, to express,
To be open, unfiltered, and genuine,
The vulnerability has no way to flow,
And I, alone can’t handle it.

I fed my mind so many fables,
But daydreaming has its drawbacks,
It deepens the attachment,
Without letting you know,
Without your control over it,
When attachment deepens,
Control over detachment diminishes.

Then the question arises,
Why did I trained my mind in such way?
Why did I fed irrational fables?
Why did I keep my world so small?
Am I still a kid who roams in dreamland?
And believes in fairy tales?
Only to make separation hard for myself.

May be feeding fables is not irrational,
Stiffing my comfort zone is,
Closing doors for new thing is,
Living in a small world is,
Not expanding my horizon is,
The crazy fact,
Not having someone, to whom,
I can express unfiltered feelings is.

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