When You Are Smiling Alone


I decided to go early to the office. As I arrived in the parking lot, I noticed a girl parking her vehicle in the same slot. She was wearing a yellow kurta with stripes all over it with elbow length sleeves and black leggings. I couldn’t see her face. I locked my bike and rushed to stairs. I like to climb four floors through stairs to start my day in the office. It energizes me. As I reached fourth floor and entered premises through a door, I encountered the same girl from the parking lot.

She was beautiful. As her gentle gaze fell on my eyes, I was stuck. She passed by and I realized she was the same girl I saw in cafeteria the day before. The same girl I had a crush on. I just had an unexpected encounter with my crush. What I discovered in her eyes in this unexpected encounter was something more beautiful than what I saw when her eyes met mine and I shied away. This time, it was a genuine look reflecting her genuine qualities. That innocence, that simplicity, that poise, that calmness, and that spontaneity. That gaze didn’t take my breath away, but when I realized she was the same girl from cafeteria, from parking lot, I was smiling to myself.

I was telling myself that these unexpected encounters are exhilarating. I shouldn’t expect to see her whenever I visit cafeteria. I realized the effect these unexpected encounters and eye contacts have on us. I was smiling with joy of this realization. Also blushed a little reminding myself that I just had an eye contact with my crush. The crazy fact is, that feeling, when no one knows why you are smiling and you don’t care if they think you have gone mad, is just beautiful.

(Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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