You Were That Angel


At that time, I was returning to my floor after dinner. I was checking my phone while climbing up stairs. And I accidentally collided to a girl. I apologized immediately. She accepted my apology gracefully. I glanced at her and noticed she was beautiful.

I gave her a compliment, ‘You are beautiful. Your eyes illuminate innocence.’

She said, ‘I said it’s fine, you don’t have to flatter me to convey it was a genuine mistake.’

‘No, I’m serious. An artist never lies.’

‘What do you do?’

‘I am a writer.’

‘So are you going to write a poem for me now?’



‘Because I already have. I imagined an angel, wrote a poem on her beauty, and here you are… Yes, you were that angel I imagined.’

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How Does The Time Lock?


What is the matter with people?
Why can’t they keep everything simple?
The frustration outflowing my mind.
Do they enjoy complicating things?
I rushed out of BSNL office.

I always hated getting drenched in rain,
I didn’t carry raincoat while leaving home,
As there were no signs of rain.
But it was raining outside,
And I didn’t want to stay inside anymore.

The heavy rain added more frustration,
I waited for a moment, but couldn’t.
The anger inside me was raging,
Finally, I stepped outside office,
I strode toward my bike, enraged.

As I stepped outside the gate,
I saw a girl with an umbrella.
As she walked with an ethereal gait,
the poise in her body language,
Stuck me for a moment.

Her wavy hair, parted from left,
Resided back and trickled down,
On right side, from clavicle to waist.
And a black colored crossbody bag,
Settled on her slender waist.

Her finely carved eyebrows,
And glowing eyelashes,
Enhanced the beauty of eyes,
And Complimented her earnest gaze,
Which mesmerized me entirely.

Simplicity flaunted her personality.
Innocence flowed out of her eyes.
She made me forget the heavy rain,
Pouring down and drenching me thoroughly,
And the frustration that equipped my mind.

As she turned her tender gaze toward me,
A shiver ran down my spine,
I lost in her eyes, her thoughts,
I literally lost the track of time,
Oblivious of hatred I had for getting drenched.

The crazy fact,
A tender gaze,
A beauty in simplicity,
And an innocence in eyes,
have an enormous force,
That can lock the time.

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She Thanked That Demon


Yes, she isn’t beautiful,
but, she is driven by a purpose.
External appearance is overshadowed,
When actions are directed toward,
Fulfilling a purpose bigger than oneself.
The glossiness fades, but the legacy of
Her work, her passion, her dedication,
Will remain forever.
And, it makes her more beautiful,
Than those girls, who spent valuable time in
Make-up, looks, and boys.

Now, she has not only fulfilled her purpose
But also helped thousands along the way,
Taught millions along the way,
Inspired billions along the way,
How to stand up for themselves!
Made the difference in lives of people!
The crazy fact, she thanked that demon,
Who threw acid on her face,
For all she could do till now!


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What Is Relationship?

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What is relationship?

Ans: I respect and accept your individuality, your differentiability. I understand you. You do the same and our relationship grows.

What is relationship?

The crazy fact: You fulfill my expectations, I’ll fulfill yours. But, if my individuality is at stake, you don’t understand me. I wonder why out relationship is not growing.


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