What Is Relationship?

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What is relationship?

Ans: I respect and accept your individuality, your differentiability. I understand you. You do the same and our relationship grows.

What is relationship?

The crazy fact: You fulfill my expectations, I’ll fulfill yours. But, if my individuality is at stake, you don’t understand me. I wonder why out relationship is not growing.


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I Was A King In His Eyes. But Now..

Copyrights: Claire Fuller

11:30 pm. Husband comes home depressed. “What happened?” asked wife.

“While coming home, 4 drunken men stopped me & accused me of stealing car,” replied husband.


“I pleaded that I’m innocent, it’s my own car. Then their evil intentions showed up when they started checking my pockets & took all the money which I saved to gift a bicycle on our son’s birthday. I was a king in his eyes. But now..”

“You still are. The crazy fact is, love & care make parent a king than those drunken men who forget about their children & threaten others for a life-threatening addiction.”


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