I wasn’t Prepared


“I’ll go to play football if class is cancelled,” said Manish to Mayuresh.

“Why don’t you play in the evening?” asked Mayuresh.

“My parents do not permit me thinking that I’ll get distracted.”

“And what made you think that class won’t be there?”

“The teacher in the class is not disciplined. Sometimes he teaches, sometimes he doesn’t.”

“Don’t forget to carry the kit with you.”

“Yep. I want to play whenever I get a chance.”

In the class.

“Guys, sir is not present today,” said one of his classmates.

“Ohh, no!!” exclaimed Manish.

“What happened?” asked Meeta.

“I decided to go to play football if class is not there. But, I didn’t bring kit though I knew sir has been irregular about this class.”

“You forgot?”

“No. I deliberately didn’t bring it. I thought that sir will be present today.”

“What made you think that?”

“I assumed. But what happened to sir? Why is he not taking class today. He does this frequently.”

“But you knew that he does this frequently. You should’ve come prepared. You can’t blame him.”

The crazy fact is, not being prepared closes the door of opportunities and opens the door of regrets.

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What Is Relationship?

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What is relationship?

Ans: I respect and accept your individuality, your differentiability. I understand you. You do the same and our relationship grows.

What is relationship?

The crazy fact: You fulfill my expectations, I’ll fulfill yours. But, if my individuality is at stake, you don’t understand me. I wonder why out relationship is not growing.


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Increasing The Comfort Zone


“If tyre of your bike was punctured, why didn’t you ask your colleague to give you a lift to bus stop?” asked father to his son who recently joined a new company.

“But, I am new there,” replied son.

“So, what’s problem in asking for help? You walked 2 kilometers.”

“It was awkward to ask. We are all new there. We haven’t interacted much. I barely know anyone. It felt uncomfortable.”

“Son, the crazy fact is, you need to get uncomfortable to increase the comfort zone.”

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Choose Your Path

“It is not about what others are saying you to do, It’s about your inner voice that is making you do it,” said Pritesh to his brother Akhilesh, after 12th exam results.

“But I want to do something & I get distracted by other’s opinions,” replied Akhilesh.

“So how are you going to decide what you want to with your life?”

“I don’t know! After getting less marks which I never anticipated, I don’t know what to do.”

“It is not that you don’t know what to do, It is about you know what to do but you are not confident on your decision. You don’t want to make any decision, because you are afraid if things don’t work out. What if things happen that you could not anticipate, what are you going to do then?”

“Exactly Bro, that’s what I’m thinking.”

“It is absolutely fine. Because these grades do not teach you how to make decision in life & stay firm after making decisions. I told before that decide what you want to do & then take appropriate action. Because clarity will lead you to the success.”

“You are going to suggest any solution or you are going to keep blaming.”

“Alright! Let me tell you one thing! Whoever advises you to do any particular thing, do not listen to them. Because it is their point of view. It is not wrong to not to take other’s point of view into consideration, but when people tell you to do particular thing, it is not necessary it articulates your inner feelings & aspirations. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said in his book ‘Wings Of Fire’ that before choosing any specialization, you need to know whether it articulates your inner feelings & aspirations or not.”

“But I don’t know what my inner calling is. I thought about only two things, first engineering & second bachelor in computer science. Now I don’t qualify for engineering with these marks. So only one option is there.”

“Not necessary. Though you choose that option, whether you want to do it actually? Or you are taking this decision to anything to anyone.”

“No, I’m interested in hacking.”

“Do you know what is ethical hacking?”

“No! But I’ll know about it when I’ll get into it.”

“There you are. You knew that Mark Zuckerberg was hacker & he is getting a lot of glamour by founding ‘Facebook’, so you want to do the same, isn’t it?”


“Then what interests you in hacking?”


“See, you’re thinking that much. It’s not your inner calling.”

“Don’t tell me about inner calling, I know what you do, only talking.”

“What? I’m trying to get your honest response & you are being arrogant to me.”

“Then! You can only talk about philosophical non-sense stuff, that’s what you do the best. That’s what your inner calling.”

“I’m trying to know your inner calling so that when you grow up & reach end of your life 7 think what I did in my life? Have I lived life? There will be two probable answers. First I always lived life on my terms, wow this is the life I ever wanted & second answer is I always did what was ideal not what was right for me according to me! And if second answer comes, the regrets will be so painful that can never be healed. The crazy fact is, you want advice from those who do not care about your individuality & trying to force their opinions on you.”

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